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  1. Just to clear up some confusion in here, Wine is a recursive backronym, it stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator". It doesn't emulate Windows, instead it reimplements the Windows API. When you run a Windows app with Wine, it does run natively. That means that games don't have to run slower when using Wine. In fact, quite often they run faster than on Windows. There is no emulation, no loss of speed, it runs at 100% speed, directly on the actual CPU as if you used Windows. It's just that sometimes the code written by the Wine developers is slower than Microsoft's code and sometimes it's faster. So just try it out, you might be positively surprised. So far I've only tried out LPBB, worked fine.
  2. As far as I know they use Maya like you said for 3D modeling, Photoshop for painting, the open source Moai engine for 2D games like Broken Age, their own engine called Buddha for 3D games and as for programming languages, C++ and Lua. When programming in Lua, they tend to use their own IDE that they have developed, I forgot the name, "2hp" or something like that. For C++ I've seen them use the Visual Studio 2010 IDE in the livestream, they don't use newer releases because they have written a lot of stuff for the 2010 version so upgrading wouldn't be an easy task.
  3. I don't know the answer to your second question, but according to yesterday's Kickstarter update they are working through the final pieces to sell the documentary for the general public: it will probably be available shortly after Amnesia Fortnight. That's great to hear, I had been holding off on playing the game because I thought I'd miss out on something if I haven't seen the documentary first (every article I read about the game mentions in the comments or the article that it is so amazing and makes you appreciate the game more), but I couldn't wait any longer so I played the game today and boy, it's amazing. I can already see me replaying this every two or three years like I do with Monkey Island 1+2, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle. So the documentary is something I absolutely must have and I can barely wait for it! I hope that if they do a deluxe edition, I can upgrade to that. For some games you can do that on Steam (I bought it from the Humble Store, but that shouldn't be a problem I think since a Steam key is included).
  4. You haven't missed much yet, just the first round of votes which selected 10 projects which we can now vote on again to select the final 3 games that will be made. The result of this final vote will be announced live on Thursday, so you have until then to look at all the remaining 10 projects and vote. And only then it really starts, the voting is just a bonus anyhow, the interesting part is seeing the games getting made You can watch the livestream that you missed from the last vote on twitch.tv/doublefine or http://www.youtube.com/user/DoubleFineProd
  5. I hope Dear Leader, Eras of Adventure and Derelict, but I think it's going to be Dear Leader, Derelict and either Mnemonic or What could co wrong. Although that would have been my choices too if we had gotten more votes, so whatever happens, I'm going to be happy
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