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  1. I must say, not a huge fan of adventure time so I wasn't really invested in the idea of a p ward game. But this concept if done well would be really cool. Reminds me a lot of some of the kinect games (Kinectimals or w/e that is) only a little darker and more fun for an older crowd. Really interested to see what they can do with this project.
  2. YAY! (that the vid is coming not that you had tech difficulties )
  3. I know there is another forum post (made by me) about my question but since you asked I thought I'd ask here. How did the project get from a AF2012 prototype to something in the production pipeline (assuming its in the pipeline and not just a pet project that's getting slightly more attention)? Did you have to pitch the idea to Tim again and ask for a chance at a full fledged game? Did he come to you? Are all the same individuals from the AF team working on the project now? As far as suggestions or feature requests/suggestions. Can we get an overlay that displays crew happiness in a scale similar to O2 levels? Be a nice and easy way to spot upset individuals. Regardless, thanks for working on the title and being so open with it during the AF process and now in alpha, it's a breathe of fresh air. For individuals like myself who would like to get into GameDev it's cool to see all the behind the scenes inner workings of the project and makes it SOO much easier to connect to a game and its producers.
  4. Sorry for long post title but I was curious if it was posted/said how this game managed to go from a prototype in AF2012 to something that the devs are working on for production (assuming that's the current stage as this project has been funded for half a mil-sh). I admit I came to this project kinda late (like 2 weeks ago lol) as well as the AF that DF holds and was really intrigued. I watched the whole 2012 doc series in one sitting it was very interesting/informative. I was just curious what all the project lead did or decisions were made etc that turned this from an AF project to something in the actual pipeline? I know some inner workings need to be kept under wraps but for a project that started off as a public thing it'd be cool to have a small "mini-doc series" of how this project when from prototype to what it is now and what it will become.
  5. Here is my base. I admit after browsing the forums I have ran into a bit of a paranoia / what do I do now sort of feeling. I really like my base and the fact that everyone is entirely happy and I can expand if I want to, but at this point it seems like building a base BIGGER is kind of counterproductive to your survival. I more envision my base as a small tight knit community that can live forever rather then a iffy metropolis that could fall to it's doom with the sneeze of a raider or space debris lol.
  6. I like the captain role a lot. Having some sort of leadership would be pretty cool and help with the story line. Mutiny's if the captain sucks etc would be fun to watch play out. Given what is implemented in the game currently I don't however see the ambassador role being as useful or really add much depth to gameplay, especially since there is no real trade/diplomacy systems really to speak of. I think if your looking for some one to help with staff interpersonal relationships something similar to a ship counselor would be a bit more appropriate. Some one that can lessen the effects of hatred towards other crew members, slow the effects of excessive depression, maybe spot signs that some one is going into extreme depression and is about to off the entire crew so that the user has a little bit more time and awareness to what could be a dire situation.
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