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  1. I'm expecting a psychonauts announcement very soon . It could be Psychonauts 2 or a Psychonauts HD Remaster as some have mentioned on another thread. In addition to all the speculations in this thread, Double Fine & 2PP are ending the Devs Play Season 1 with a psychonauts special this coming Tuesday. Also Playstation Magazine UK is running an exclusive interview with Tim in the February issue that includes a Psychonauts revisit. Tweets here & here: Coincedence? maybe..
  2. Spacebase DF-9 Release

    cool, what if I have both games ! would be nice to have a giftable copy of either to send to a friend.
  3. Tim answers questions on v1.0

    @Tim: thanks for the post and answering the questions. Also thanks to JP and the Spacebase DF-9 team for the effort and doing everything they can to make an enjoyable experience. I hope this issue doesn't prevent Double Fine from experimenting and being creative as usual in the future.
  4. great update! looking forward to the stream.
  5. The 1.0 Release: Lack of Communication and Disappointment

    I totally agree. I don't think the developer broke any promises as they stated clearly on the dev plan page: however, I was hoping for much more content .. and more things from that list to make it into the final game. For people like me who bought it in Early Access are aware of the risk and willing to support the project. But for someone buying a full release its overpriced for the current content.
  6. Secret room

    have you tried the game credits? Im not sure if her name is mentioned there.. but its worth a shot..
  7. Tim tweeted earlier today: I wonder if its a hint.... *wishful thinking*
  8. DRM-free option on Humble Store?

    I saw that on the humble store on launch as well (it had the DRM-FREE icon). I'm guessing it was a mistake from humbles side? not sure if double fine will make the game DRM-Free in the future.
  9. Board Games?

    I love board games as well but haven't been playing any for a while. We play Sequence sometimes as it's easy and quick to learn and anyone can join. I have been thinking about getting Guts of Glory,love the art style and looks like fun. has anyone tried it?
  10. my pleasure, Syd! Thanks a lot Jenni for The Wolf Among Us & The Blackwell Bundle! Looking forward to playing them soon
  11. Video Game Deals

    just a heads up.. With the crazy sale.. Broken Age is $12.50 for the next hour or so. (I'm pretty sure most people here own it but in case you want to gift a copy to a friend )
  12. count me in what if someone has "bad rats" in their wishlist?

    awesome news! I can't wait to hear more details about this..
  14. Ryukaki's Hack 'n' Slash Design Analysis

    links are not working
  15. I noticed today on the Double Fine games page that it says: AF2014 available FOR PC, MAC, LINUX.. when I click on the link I get an error message. I checked my humble page and they are only for PC still. I wonder if the Mac & Linux ports are in the making and this is a placeholder text.. or is it simply a mistake?