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  1. After the recent awesome announcement regarding Grim Fandango coming to PC as well I would like to request you guys to please bring to GOG.com as well apart from just Steam. Apart from that I hope you guys manage to get the rights to the other great Lucas Arts classics from Disney and bring all of them to GOG.com as well. A lot of folks including myself would buy all these games in a heartbeat when they become available for sale on GOG so please do consider it. Attached is an image of the GOG community wishlist which gives you an indication of how much people love and want these games on GOG. I hope you guys read the forums enough to find this and act on it accordingly, thanks.
  2. We always new the game was going to look beautiful Derek, and these new concept art and screenshots only further the fact. Can't wait to see it all come together at the end.
  3. Very cool music Paul, I really like that you are guys not doing the traditional jazzy noir music for the game. I also dig the Blade Runner influence that Derek directed you towards and also the tracks Office and Alley remind me of Looper (One of my favorite soundtracks), so was that an inspiration as well?
  4. Hey Derek, I just finished watching Ep 3: Day 2 of the AF2014 recap video. While watching that it seemed like you were overwhelmed initially by the potential design process for the game and you were looking up to Brad (quite rightly so) to help you out as he is quite experienced in that regard. I just wanted to say that his is YOUR game and vision so like Tim said you have to grab this opportunity to deliver something which represents your version of this game. We believe in you and the game direction you pitched initially is the one that resonated with all the people which resulted in Mnemonic being picked. I believed in this concept from the start and I know you can make something great out of this and be proud of it so trust your instincts and be more assertive. I know I am just reiterating what Tim said but I absolutely agree with him that is why I was so glad to see you being more confident and determined during the stand up today. So best of luck Derek for the remaining AF, we know that as long as you stick to the initial spark for this prototype you'll end up with something great.
  5. Here is a game that will forever change your perception of morning coffee, so beware because you just might get a Deadly Premonition.
  6. Glad to see you are warming up to these pitches, for me Mnemonic was the game that caught my eye and was a definite vote from me not just because of the noir setting but because of the promise of a great mystery/suspense story and having a protagonist that cannot rely even on his own memory, it gave me a real vibe of the movie Memento which is one of my favorites. So the idea of getting to actually play such a character with unique gameplay mechanics which I for one have not seen before like collecting memory fragments to solve puzzles with the story evolving layer by layer based on the information gained from particular memories is just really fascinating and exciting. Now voting for Steed on the other hand was because of completely different reasons, all of which were explained by John in the extended pitch yesterday. The initial reason is the inspirations that John cited which are primarily Disney movies really hit home, particularly The Sword in Stone which has a special place in my heart because I have watched it atleast a dozen times in my childhood and still love that movie. When it comes to the gameplay it is a unique take, in the sense that the secondary character is now the primary character which in this case is a horse and the secondary character is the stable boy which in any other game would be the main protagonist. This simple flip opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of the setting and gameplay mechanics which really excited me. Then there is a promise of real heart in the central relationship between the horse and the stable boy. I am a real sucker for stories where the central theme is friendship that is why one of my favorite comedy movies is SuperBad not because of the raunchy humor but because of the theme of fear of alienation from your childhood friends. Furthermore, as these games start developing I am sure your enthusiasm and excitement will be raised by observing the process of all the highly talented, creative and awesome folks tackling these ideas at DoubleFine studios. The journey is just beginning and I for one can't wait to see it all go down.
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