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  1. Back in AF2012 we got extra copies of BRAZEN to play multiplayer with friends. Is there any chance of this happening with Kiln this time around?
  2. I know some of their earlier mobile games were funded by Dracogen, so they would probably need to be open to it as well
  3. Pongball Pitch

    Will there be a Bad Golf themed table?
  4. Pongball Pitch

    Congrats! Can't wait to get started on this.
  5. DRM Free on Humble?

    Any news on this?
  6. Fig investing - what's going on with that side?

    It seems like the higher the dividend means a sooner breakeven. The graph shows the breakeven for 70% being around 700,000 copies sold. If the dividend were to go up to 100% it shows the breakeven being around 300,000 copies sold. When the PSY2 circular first came out with a 30% dividend the breakeven was at around 2,000,000 copies sold. This assumes all game copies are sold at $60 retail.
  7. DRM Free on Humble?

    It appears the DRM free and Mac copies have been added to the regular Humble Store listing but not the "Headlander + Soundtrack" listing.
  8. Are there any plans to convert the rest of the website to the Invision Power suite?
  9. GOG is awesome.

    The Steam API limit is 100,000 calls per day. The current games are being offered for 5 days. I wonder what happens to users at the end of the queue?
  10. GOG keys?

    Awesome! Just noticed the GOG key in my Humble. You guys rock!
  11. GOG keys?

    Will backers also be receiving GOG keys for either Psychonauts 1 and/or 2
  12. Team Size

    Shouldn't we factor in Rhombus of Ruin?