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  1. In case anyone was wondering, there actually is a pin up of Knight in DFAC Vol 1. I won't go into details about it--you should see it yourself--but I think it's pretty funny. And for other concerned-mother-like-people out there, there is no nudity; however, there is a funny visual pun that'll make you double-take.
  2. Thank you very much. Your kind deed will not be forgotten.
  3. Hello fellow DoubleFinians, I hate to be that guy--the one that looks curiously like a concerned mother sporting her tricked out minivan--but any of you owners of the Double Fine Action Comics Volume 1 by Scott C, can you answer a question for me before I purchase this Tome of Greatness? I read somewhere that there is a pin up of Knight in the book styled as a comically sexual centerfold. So, yeah, I have to be that concerned-mother-looking-guy who asks if this really exists within the book and if this is in anyway displaying any sort of nudity or freakoutishness. (I have my own reasons, please don't ask.) If there is and as long as it's OK with legal issues and nonesuch, can someone either describe it to me or scan it/photograph it so that I can see it and judge its freakoutishness? This sounds really weird and I apologize most profusely. Thank you.
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