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  1. Former Bad Golf contributor here (MaritalWheat on Github) - man, haven't been around these parts in forever but saw the AF email and that the community jamming was becoming official and had to pop back in for this. This concept seems awesome @lightsoda/@Cheeseness - reminds me of Rocket League in that it's mashing two simple but fun concepts into one ridiculous, over the top fun one (soccer/cars for Rocket League, and pong/pinball here). Also feel like it's more achievable for a jam in that it's more of building a few systems that can result in tons of great gameplay, versus being more content driven like the other pitches. One last thought...I saw the word "networking" in one of the informational posts and a cold chill ran through my body. Just from Bad Golf memories, if I were to say cut one thing for the initial jam development it would be that...adds so much complexity and almost everything that was being developed had to account for the networked state. My 2c there. Can't wait to see whatever concept takes off, and hope I can find some time to help! Y'all are amazing for organizing this.
  2. I keep having to miss these unfortunately - anyone mind giving a quick update of where things are/what's been being worked on/anything else relevant discussed?
  3. Ah well. How did Lost Levels go?! What kind of stuff did you talk about, and did you manage to get some games going? No chance it got recorded at all, right?
  4. That's super cool man, Lost Levels is a great unconference. I'm only going to be at GDC Friday but keep wishing I would have at least flown in earlier Thursday, now even moreso. You going to be around the main conference Friday - or are any other contributors? It'd be fun to do a small meetup if there was enough interest.
  5. That...actually might work for me - as of now, I'll plan on being there! Also, just a thought I've been having, and this could be something we discuss in the meeting as well - it might be nice to have a list (maybe just part of the wiki?) of active contributors and what they are working on at a given time (that they can keep updated themselves). Since it's hard to always be on the IRC and the issue list can get pretty packed with discussion, it would be nice to quickly see what's being worked on, and who is working on it to contact if you have things to hash out about a certain topic!
  6. Today is a day for AF victory - thanks to everyone's fine efforts, invadererik (that's him on the right above) was able to pop by the Double Fine offices and play a few full rounds of local multiplayer Bad Golf, as well as show off the almost there networking! What an effort - more than 20 contributors on the git repo alone, which doesn't even account for those that separately gave ideas, helped test, and gave assets - and from all over the world too! Now to see where it goes from here
  7. Oh man final AF build! Props to you Cheeseness, and to everybody involved, for all this awesome work. It's been a super fun project, and I've learned a fair bit from it too! I'm excited and curious to see where it goes from here!
  8. I've been swamped with stuff the past few days so I haven't kept up too well, but I just pulled the latest version - it looks amazing guys! Playing in the nice course level is awesome. I'm hoping I have a chance later tonight or tomorrow morning (my time) to fix up a few of my outstanding issues.
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