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  1. Steam handle/user id/ tag share thread

    I'm also on Steam. Mainly playing Rocket League
  2. Concept Art

    Just thought I'd have a go at a logo myself
  3. Player Feedback and Comments

    We have had great fun working together on Pongball and hope you enjoy playing. We would love to hear any feedback or comments you might have about the game. Thank you
  4. Art assets

    Ooh nice. I like that!
  5. Screenshots & Videos

    @rheberling Thank you for testing and for providing feedback, it's great to hear what people think and how the tables play. Glad you enjoyed it
  6. Team photo!

    This is awesome kednar. Thank you
  7. Art assets

    There was a separate fbx for the bridge when I updated it, so that scene must still have that bridge in there, which can be hidden/deleted. The new fbx had all the table geo in, no extra variant stuff
  8. Team photo!

    Oh yh, ha that's fantastic!
  9. Art assets

    Thanks for sorting that out Cheeseness, oops I forgot to mention that there's a new bridge geo in that fbx too.
  10. Team photo!

    Thank you ;P erm I love Costume Quest. Perhaps put me in a costume? or something thank you for doing this
  11. Team photo!

    heya looking cool. Nice one Here's me. Hello
  12. Concept Art

    Heres an idea for the asset and table selection screen I'm not sure what we are going to do about the player selecting a paddle and table, also being able to switch different assets. but this is what I had in mind. Although I've never made a menu screen before so not sure if we can implement this in time? The idea is that as the player selects through the different options the item in question is shown in the window
  13. Team photo!

    I love the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared reference Yh i'm up for it. Just let get a photo together
  14. Concept Art

    Cool ideas @osse101. I really like the idea of having a mini game board that can add chaotic fast paced moments.
  15. Video of 70's Pong Game for Reference

    wow. I love how trippy it gets. and the different goal placements are a cool idea i'd like to play around with