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  1. Concept Art

    That looks great, love the stencil style with that colour choice!
  2. Team photo!

    @kednar That all looks great to me!
  3. Team photo!

    @kednar Also Cheeseness should probably be pointing at the cabinet, other wise it's a bit weird But don't worry if that's too much it's great so far.
  4. Team photo!

    I like keeping it clear of names, but that does make the right side a bit confusing
  5. Team photo!

    Thanks Also I was thinking what about swapping me and @KGuNN so it looks like he's sneaking away?
  6. Team photo!

    @kednar I love that little one, would you mind putting the little one in front of mine and using that?
  7. Team photo!

    Cool, I'd had a bit of ago myself.
  8. Team photo!

    Thanks @kednar looks good but the angle on the face is sort of creeping me out. I'll see what I can do about it, once I get home.
  9. Concept Art

    Yeah that's fair, I think I'll just try for a background image, would be nice to have something with a bit more depth
  10. Art assets

    That's great, 3D UI is definitely a better fit for the project. Might be a bit off balance though, I'd probably shrink/lose the shadow and make the ball larger to fit the square. But it's up to you.
  11. Concept Art

    I've put together a concept for the main menu background. If it's alright I'll see what I can get done before the stream tonight.
  12. Team photo!

    This is from my linkedIn, in case you care . Not sure on body, maybe something to do with stacking?
  13. Art assets

    Okay I've had a go at a take on the logo, let me know what you think. EDIT: I've changed the text colour to better match the current menu background How about the ball as the app logo? @Cheeseness told me we needed one and I find I really like using simple, iconic elements as app icons for my games. Also if there's a ball colour or style that's more prevalent let me know, I'm just going off of what I've seen most in screenshots.
  14. Introduce yourself!

    Hi folks, I know I'm a bit late but I've got some time tonight and a lot of experience with unity (7 years now ) so I thought I'd offer my hand at finishing up the project and continuing afterwards (if that's the plan). If there's any art assets I can make up or anything pressing, let me know. I don't have a specific art page yet but I've done art as well as design and development for most of the games in my portfolio below, far too many of them in unity . I've also done a logo for Amnesia Adventure and I'm up for helping with branding for PongBall as well if needed.
  15. Ah thanks all, that looks great! I wasn't sure on the current project resolution but that looks okay to me.