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  1. I can also imagine that it's fantastic as a worldwide marketing campaign for their company and games. I didn't know a lot about Double Fine until I stumbled upon this years AF and was so intrigued by it that I immediately bought Broken Age, despite promising myself stop buying half-finished games. (promises are made to be broken, right?)

    Yeah me too. I heard about AF a couple of years ago and thought, hmm cool idea, then *ignores*, but this year with the documentary going up on youtube in tandem I have been totally absorbed by it (hats off to the 2PP guys btw, the documentary is superb). It is great to follow not just the projects themselves but the people involved. We get to see great personal stories like Derek starting off really unsure of himself and his idea and Brad trying to encourage him, and of course the wise/sarcastic words of Tim. That is just one story that is going on here and backing it up is the fact that you guys are a bunch of really talented people working your butts off, which is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows of game making. I will definitely be paying attention to anything with the DF stamp on it in future.

    Just a little aside, isn't it sad that we rarely get to see the people behind things? Wouldn't it be great to follow a team of scientists on a research project, for example? There is an obvious want for people to peer into the lives of others, but why is it always done by mainstream media in a way that looks down on those people like they are animals in a zoo? I think there is a deep human instinct to watch others work, there is something hypnotic about watching someone create something. So why don't reality shows focus on that? Surely it is a great opportunity to inform and inspire people?

  2. "Signature is whatever player drew freehand in previous edict"

    You just know that half the people will draw a penis as their signature!

    I declare that airships are the best thing ever!

    Your beloved leader

    [penis picture]

    That is indeed what we're expecting. :D Lee and I spent all morning drawing penises in his notebook when mocking up how the stamping was gonna work.

    I think this is actually a great thing for this game because nobody would dare question the Dear Leader. If he wants to, in his infinite wisdom, draw a massive schlong as his signature then it must be respected! So it just works no matter what, there is no need to worry about what silly things people might draw because if they do it and are met by a blank expression of obedience then it just helps the atmosphere of totalitarianism. I mean, the fact that what is happening in the game might seem ridiculous to the player is half the point, right?

  3. What if there was a fly in the office that occasionally lands on your desk and you can swat it away but can never catch it? The fly has no impact on the game, it is just a metaphor for the people and that your attempts to suppress and control them are a constant struggle. The fly defies your rule and shows just how weak you really are. I think this is a funny idea to have a dictator who is so fixated on controlling an entire nation but can't even police his own office!

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