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  1. Yeah, I'd love a stress-toy-like squishy LPBB. I think that'd look more like the actual characters than a plush, though I'd certainly love a plush too!
  2. Glad I helped! I got horribly stuck at the Key puzzle too. There's about 30 minutes of footage edited out as I wandered, lost and confused. Glad you could enjoy them. My wife built me a super kick-butt gaming PC for Christmas this year, making it my first ever PC of my own. I've always played console up to now, but the newest generation lost me. Quaid
  3. Hi folks! As I was going alphabetically down my Steam list, Steed was the final prototype I got to try. I recorded my experiences for all of them, and here's Steed: Enjoy! Quaid.
  4. My last video is up! I play Steed, the shortest prototype, but also the most colourful and finished looking. Quaid
  5. I recorded my play of Mnemonic, and had a lot of fun doing so. I also "found" critical "evidence" that "Batman" did "it"... I... I don't know why I used those last two sets of quotes. Thanks to Derek, Brad and the entire crew for this! It was my favourite concept out of the gate, and it was amazing to play. Quaid
  6. My play of Derek's Mnemonic results in a manhunt for Batman. Denis
  7. I literally got this within minutes of posting my frustration. Typical! Thanks for the help, regardless. I was trying to use the key first. You have to postcard first.
  8. HELP! I'm still stuck on the key and postcard puzzles. I know I have to use the key on the Skyline in the first area, but can't find the right spot. Should I be looking to the left or right skyscrapers, where should I be standing? Near or far from the lamp? And the postcard?!? ARG!! Help!
  9. I played through to what I thought was the ending for LPBB, but I've since discovered more. Anyway, here's what I recorded, and my thoughts on it as I play. It's one crazy, fun, weird game... Quaid
  10. I seemed to have a similar problem, but clicking down on the bottom of the screen, basically on or around the table worked for me. It got me past that section. Try that.
  11. I uploaded my play of Little Pink Best Buds over night. Here it is! Quaid
  12. Haha! "FIRE! ... fire, fire, fire ... The house is on fire" made me laugh out loud watching your LPBB play, even after seeing it in my own game! I'm recording my own playthroughs as well. So far, I've only played Dear Leader and LPBB, as I'm going in order down my Steam listing, so alphabetical, I guess... That's why I only watched your LPBB video so far. Here's my Dear Leader play: I'm still editing LPBB so it's not up yet. Quaid
  13. Hi folks! Signed up while watching the documentaries on AF this year, but never really felt like I had much to contribute. I read a lot and lurked a lot, but didn't want to post "yes, I agree", or "Cool update" as my first posting here! My wonderful and infinitely more talented wife built me my very own gaming PC for Christmas, so I have my own PC capable of running new games, for the first time in my life. It also means that this is the fist year I took notice of AF during its run. In the past, I've only been interested in what made it to complete games on Xbox 360. But this year, I followed all the documentaries from 2PP, and loved seeing these games develop. I thought I'd record my own play through of each of the prototypes, and post them to my channel. Hope you enjoy watching. I have Dear Leader up so far, and as I'm playing through these in order as they appear in my Steam listing, Little Pink Best Buds is next up. I already have that recorded, just not uploaded (Preview: It's weird!)
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