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  1. The book really is glorious. For some reason it took Amazon almost a month to get it to me, but it was so worth the wait. I remember how it was supposed to come out at least twices before this and got cancelled over and over What's the slipcase like?
  2. I remember thinking of things in my pockets and my backpack as items in my inventory back when i was a kid
  3. Problem with Nolan North is that these days he pops out of every game! Can we actually have a Nolan North free game?
  4. Keep us posted, Oliver! Stuff like this is just what we wanted to learn about gamemaking.
  5. I wonder if we'll get an official DF reply on this? I honestly believe that the intel the publishers are most interested in is how many copies will this thing sell outside the backers. That's clean profit and that's what will form their opinions on the whole matter.
  6. It's nice to see that it went that well... Congrats Marius!
  7. I'm a huge fan of Mark Hamill's voicework
  8. The kickstarter video is what reminded me. I really loved the whole style and design behind Brutal Legend. I'm so sorry i never got my paws on it. I would have paid good money for it
  9. No, they really don't. It'll work on all three of the mercenary bosses, as the stun gun just makes them stand there and twitch long enough for you to reload and shoot them again. The final boss has to be shot through, but it's not as broken as the mercenary bosses.
  10. Actually... there's a cheap and easy way to get rid of bosses. Just use the stun gun, and enjoy the rest of the plot
  11. Did this ever come out? Will it ever come out? I know it dissapeared off Amazon a while back and i haven't heard anything about it... and i'd gladly give money for this gem!
  12. I backed this game because i loved Lucas Arts games. Back in the day i used to live in a post-communist country and there were no ways to buy original games. Original games were a myth, the only way to get a game involved taking boxes of floppies over to a guy who was the local supplier of games (read pirate who had a limited game inventory of older games and copied floppies for you. Some of them even had extra floppy drives and jury rigged hard drives with like 60MB storage, OH MY!). Some of them even had access to the internetuh. I loved all of them and enjoyed them first on my trusty Amiga, later on my PC. The humour, style and presentation enamoured me and helped me learn of a different world filled with sillyness and amazing stories. Heck, by now i have CD reissues for practically all the games, and once i heard Tim and Ron were up to making something new, how could i pass up? I grew up with their games and deeply enjoyed their style, so paying a stack of dollars is nothing for the chance to participate in helping them make more stuff i enjoy. ... oh, and does anyone else remember getting stuck in games and then having to find people who passed that point to help you out or finding/borrowing/stealing game magazines used by a dozen other people that had printed out walkthroughs for the game you got stuck on?
  13. I've been supporting some independent pen and paper RPG's. Getting an Amazon account was a non issue, as the place where i live, Amazon is the only way to get books and comics for a decent price (yes, even with international shipping)
  14. Arkham City is loads of fun, especially all the little touches. even having fun just exploring and enjoying the amount of setting material they crammed in. Even found Scarecrow's hidden base
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