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  1. There was an NDS at the start of the Beta but it was lifted near the end. MM's own youtube channel has tons of user created levels. And everyone is free to sare their stuff now.
  2. All I've been doing was play the Dreams Beta. Sadly it's gone now I've recently finished Theseus on PSVR, absolutely fantastic game. Been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, but the game is so disappointing it's a chore. Any day now I'll muster the courage to push it to the end and never look at it again.
  3. Hey there. I made some stuff in the Dreams beta. I'm not an artist, animator or programmer, so it was a big learning experience, but I intend to go deep and actually start making some good stuff once Dreams is out. I know the guys at Double Fine are friends and fans of Media Molecule team, so I think this is actually a very appropriate place to post this. Especially since MM site doesn't have it's own forums. I know the stuff below is rough...the Sonic and Simpsons stuff are purposefully shitty for comedic effect, and were also my first creations. The Homestar Runner model actually came out quite good I think, I put more effort into making it look and animate right, even though it was very quickly thrown together. The Cemetery Gates one uses all repurposed assets from people who are way more talented than me, but I did the scene composition myself and learned a bit about the tools along the way. Hope you guys enjoy.
  4. BTW John, Belle has oficially the climbing tree ability. It is now a permanent character trait THe most fun thing to do in the game is climb the trees with the horse. Don't even think about cutting that out in the full game.
  5. Loved Steed. When watching the videos I was finding the horse animations lacking but they realy did come togehter at the end, flows nicely, really impressive for such a short period of time. Huge Congratulations to the animators. The horse itself is also very charming, he is a charismatic horse. Movement felt good and combat has some learning curve, it's really unique to have to give your back to your enemy to hit him. I guess that's why the spellbook was added. The game is beatiful too. Such a shame that we can't explore the world further. I was hoping to see some more "Game", like having one or two missions and more than that extremely thin hint of a narrative. All in all, this game just HAVE to become a full game, more than any other in this AF, IMO. Sure, all of them deserve it, but Steed is my primary pitch for a full-lenght game. And I remember Tim being instantly sold on this game, right at the first pitch. Make it happen Tim.
  6. It's very buggy, but oh boy what an experience. I now agree with Pen's insistency in guiding the player so that he could see the whole thing through. In the end you still have a lot to figure out. Loved it.
  7. I've redeemed the Steam key on Humble Page and the prototypes are there, except for LPBB, what happened? The game is downloadable to me on the HUmble Bundle page (I did pay the beat-the-average price).
  8. The weird part is that Tim himself wishfully talked about this in the Vault Viewer ios app, about making the Double Fine theme park with the insane asylum replica.
  9. I bought the Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Bundle, when will the games be up for donwload? Thanks.
  10. No this is the place to talk about anything that doesn't warrant its own thread. Or general rambling if you wish. Yeah, I really liked both of those games too. Ghost Trick might be my favorite game for the DS. Stick it to the Man is really cool too, but it has its issues that keeps it from being a great game in my book. I made a thread about it here where KestrelPi and I discuss it. (The thread also features a guest appearance by Tim Schafer.) Cool, just did a post on that topic. On Ghost Trick, I can easily say it's my favorite game in years. I enjoyed every second of it, and the ending just felt sooo rewarding. I don't know, the game just have such an upbeat feel to it, makes me feel good, while at the same time having a intriguing story, mysterious tone and perfect pacing. The OST is beyond any description. It's also very unique in it's gameplay mechanics. It's an astonishing evolution for a developer that mainly did only graphic novels (let's face it, Phoenix Wright barely has any gameplay in it). I was shocked, and it is on my top 10 all time favorites for sure.
  11. Oh man, I didn't notice that double fine baby in the game? Or....did I? Seems familiar somehow. My memory is terrible. Anyway... Stick it to the Man is excellent. I cheer for Zoink Games and hope they keep on making such unique games as this. @KestrelPi: Man, that's what I hate about game reviewers these days. They keep forcing ways to depreciate games, when the games being reviewed often deserves some more appreciation. I don't agree on the Psychonauts ripp off thing, while I was playing the game didn't remind me of Psychonauts at all, even thouhg it definitely had a Double-Fine-esque feel, which is a GOOD thing in my book. Besides, Psychonauts was released in freaking 2005!! Even if there is any intentional nod to that game, I'd say it's about time. If anything, it might bring some more attention to the old and often overlooked classic.
  12. Is it only allowes to talk DBZ here? If yes, I'll ignore that and get to the point already, I recently played Ghost Trick (iphone version) and Stick it to the Man (Steam version). Ever wondered how a Double Fine game would be if made by japanese people? Play the former. And what if it was made in a 90's cartoon style akin to (the excellent) Rocko's Modern Life? Play the latter. In fact, forget all that gibberish and just go play those games, cause they are AWESOME!!!
  13. This: ...And of course this: Edit: Hell, I can't get youtube to appear, help please?
  14. I have an Oculus Rift just waiting for the download to show up on the Humble page. Come onnnn Congratulations Derek and the team.
  15. edulinares

    Day 9

    Hey guys, first post here. I would suggest that the boy shoud react to the enemies, like, trying to hit them with a swird and/or arrows, and failing at that, letting the player know that he (the horse) must do everything. Eager to play.
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