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    My Name is John, I am 25, I play lots of games, My favorite being Beyond Good & Evil(I own it for every system it has come out for) I love Adventure games, my first DF adventure game was Psychonauts, and my first Tim Shaffer game is The Secret of Monkey Island(although I didn't know it was designed by Tim until years later) I am also a [out of practice] classically trained vocalist, and some day id like to try my hand at voice acting. I'd like to say I practice but last time I checked, show-tun
  1. Still nothing guys... I still get to them banging on the door and nothing happens... I don't even get stabbed or anything... He just keeps screaming "LEAVE GET OUT OF HERE" and they bang on the door. I tried holding S and I tried clicking various places but nothing happens....
  2. I tried holding all manner of keys, but I'll try again Thanks!
  3. The game was overall really fun And as for wanting to see more, This is the game I would choose more then the others. Really Most of my stuff would be ironed out in play testing anyway. I LOVED the big open areas, but felt that either Bellefire didn't go fast enough, or that objectives were too spread out. (in my play through I crossed the map before the main action started, and having to backtrack, he cried for help 10+ times before I could get to the building) An open area like this would be a great Hub area like a home base between quests, but I feel like smaller areas would be better for fighting(areas only slightly larger then you might find in the fable games) The goblin AI did a lot of wandering, I figured they might waddle around in groups of 4 or so, but they were everywhere! and Chasing them down on the water wheel was a task. and I couldn't tell if I had just missed them or not because they kept re-spawning... I feel like they are weak on their own, but I feel like they have the strength in numbers so fighting them in large crowds felt more fun. The Wandering AI made it hard to fight more then one at a time though. Other then that nothing else that hasn't already been mentioned.
  4. I secretly hope, if this doesn't get officially supported, it ends up kinda like Bad Golf CE... I know I would work on it, This weird chat AI stuff is awesome.
  5. I'm really upset... I had fun playing around with the game, but I'm stuck when they are banging on the door and Big leg is saying "Just Run Man! Get out of here!" and it wont progress past that point. They have been banging on the door for like 10 minutes.... Is there any chat/~ commands to maybe reset the game to an earlier state or advance so I don't have to restart so I can see the full ending? Edit: I started over 3 more times but the game keeps getting stuck in some kind of loop causing that scene to be un-passable
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