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    Hello! I'm Mari, and when I'm not out saving lives (brushes dirt off shoulders), I'm playing games and writing papers for grad school. If you want to chat, try me on Twitter! :D
  1. I'd love to see someone play through the end to see what happens after the house potatoes. I get stabbed right away, and that's all that happens. If someone knows what to do after, screen capture and upload, please. You can only sit through potatoes so many times without being able to skip the cut scene-esque moments.
  2. Totally nitpicking here, but... the nurse in me cringed at the recorded conversation. That's supposed to be someone who's studied therapeutic communication, yeah? "At least you're free when you're flying. NOW LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY DREAMS" is so cringe-worthy. If this game is developed fully, I'd definitely recommend bringing in a consultant - a therapist, counselor, social worker, doctor, nurse, etc. Otherwise, fantastic. Very unique.
  3. I must've played the path that they checked, because I experienced no bugs whatsoever. It was a little too transparent to pick out the traitor, but I don't mind my name being called out and not forgotten. I also wish that the daughter storyline had been expanded a bit more. I'm SO impressed by the fact that this game was made in two weeks. If you keep building trees and consequences, I think it'd be fantastic to see a full-blown version of this. Loved it. Had a lot of fun.
  4. I have two things that hindered my gameplay. In the doc, you guys talked a lot about people who control with the right stick/left stick. I'm one of those people who keeps the 'movement' left stick pushed forward and changes direction by changing the camera angle (I'm a right sticker), and... it really didn't accommodate me. I had to change my gameplay style, because it didn't function with the same sensitivity as it did with the left stick. Also, when you're looking at controls, it's not really a pause screen, because I could hear the little dudes (greks?) attacking me. So that's probably just because it's the prototype, but the first thing really did bug me. Good thing Belle can't die. As for general bugginess, when I ran into a couple of trees, Belle flipped like a world class gymnast. Also, the targeting system is too sensitive. That's a weird complaint to have, but you could literally just spam the back attack button without moving anything else, and Belle would flip around in circles hitting enemies. Too simple. And finally, the camera angle was off. I know you were emphasizing Belle instead of the rider, but when you're running up a hill, sometimes I'd see only the beautiful grass instead of important things like... you know... where I was trying to go. A similar camera issue was definitely there on the water wheel, where I'd keep pushing forward, and if I went slightly to the right, the forward button would make me go backward because of the changed camera angle. The buttons should be consistent, or the camera angle should be locked. Other than that, I loved it. My love for Steed has been affirmed, and I'm glad for that. I hope you guys make a full game. Kickstart it if you need, man. Such a unique idea and so much accomplished in two weeks. And if you do it, I hope you get the same kid to do Twig, because... adorable. Overall, my favorite of the AF games, by far.
  5. I feel relieved that I'm not the only one LPBB isn't showing up for in Steam.
  6. Yeah, I might keep going then. Cheers! I purposely wrote the story that way, with a light-hearted beginning and a moody end. I think every great protagonist needs inspiration for why they do what they do, and I figured Belle's could be the promise she made to protect Twig! I didn't want to get too bogged down with her emotions though. Wanted her to be strong and bear the pain, because I think when you're in a situation like that, you have to. Thrilled you shared with the team! Let me know what they think!
  7. That's terrifying. I don't want to see this, for a couple of reasons, one of which is shallow but still my personal opinion. 1) You're Bellefire, and you're supposed to be helping the hero. If it's horse v horse, then it takes that out of the equation. The horse is the focus, but the human should be present. 2) It's the traumatic Lion King thing all over. I hate seeing animals being hurt, and if they were to dev this game as a 'family friendly' one, then I think some of the kids would have nightmares at seeing the horses doing that.
  8. Thank you, John! I was hoping I did her proud. I'm totally tempted to expand and just start writing my own Steed-based story. Haha.
  9. Did they say it'd be in about a month? Watching the stream they said there would be one, but I didn't hear a specification. I dunno if my short attention span could survive that wait.
  10. I also really like the idea of having a dichotomy of a serious back-story leading to a more happy present one. The contrast could also sort of be seen with the age differences of the person you're helping, i.e. little guys get little monsters and big guys get big monsters. I also like the idea of different sorts of missions, which is why I threw in the friendly doc teaching Bellefire Operant conditioning. Although I dunno. I may be the only one who is tickled by the idea of a horse learning psychology and using it on the rider, especially considering that the concept wasn't around back in the days I loosely set the story. When you have a horse, I think you have to see clever workarounds if we're functioning under the paradigm that despite superior intellect, she is a horse, and our boy hero is the only one who can understand her (the Stewie effect). I see this amazing potential for a sarcastic sense of humor surrounding this sweet inner core you occasionally see where you see that she does really care.
  11. So... *coughs nervously* I've been following along with AF 2014 obviously and was particularly taken by Steed. So I got a little antsy while waiting for the prototype and an idea came to me on how Belle might have possibly found her stable boy friend, an idea that incorporates the idea of the bumbling hero type. It's a little weird, and it's weird to write 'fanfiction' about a prototype, but I thought I'd shoot the idea I had out there in a way that was more fleshed out than just saying, "hey, I think this might be kind of cool!" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tosGgk0K1fMfgYZOj8ZmBMLyVrKzZVNf3bprP7iKtak/edit?usp=sharing So there's the link, out there for the world. Mainly, I'm just smitten with Steed and hope it becomes a full game. I'm rooting for a linear adventure game.
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