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  1. Context.... When you are deving a game and you miraculously come in ahead of your deadline you get the chance to think of some cool extras. So a horse..It Eats...there fore it must....Excrete...(tie in to biology ) When you are deving graphics for a game you can tweak the values so that you get tiny pewp....medium pewp and hey boy look at that projectile pewp. Much laughing and grossing out noises around the monitor. Then they talked about it. They wanted to know if the pewp could be used as an attack...maybe the baddies would slip on the pewp. The more the horse eats the more it pewps...so power ups...or pewper ups. Yeah, so Steed Full Retail...we are expecting pewper ups. A little biology... a little game mechanics...a little about deadlines... All in all a good convo....once they stopped laughing about the projectile pewp. Thanks for the opportunity to talk pewp with the kids. -tom
  2. 1 - Steed - Great looking, fun to play, with a massive open world sprinkled with some quests the replay value would be massive. Even at just 2 weeks there was a framework for a setting and continuing story. I loved playing and my kids loved playing it. I can also see some multiplayer possibilities with this one. Get this one done up. Full retail purchase, probably multiple so I can play against the kids. 2 - Mnemonic - Again for the time they had the mood and story were all there waiting to be fleshed out. I loved the interface. The time spent on the lighting was worth it. Full retail purchase. 3 - Dear Leader - Great graphics and a game style. Not as much replay as Steed though. 4 - LPBB - I really wanted to like this game. As a story being told it works as a one off. As a game, it just wasn't there. I understand that the chat functions did not pan out right and the time crunch had them strip away the elements that would have made the game way more playable. AI of the type I think they were going for would be amazing in a story telling game, maybe tie up responses with those from other players in real time so the game AI grows as it is being played across players....but I did not see any of that in what I played. PW's Zombie pitch would have been a better game.
  3. Ubuntu 13.10 64bit Wine 1.7.13 AMD Radeon HD 6670 No override libs. If you are still having problems the wine errors are usualy good at figuring out what is missing. Just follow the error reports.
  4. Ubuntu 13.10 with the latest Wine...works like a champ. Great work on the graphics of this game. A great mood . I would love to see a whole game/story come out of this.
  5. Just played Steed on Ubuntu 13.10 with the latest Wine. Works amazingly well. Truly a massive game for two weeks work. This is a game that needs to be made full. And please keep it workable under Linux.
  6. Just tried to run LPBB under the newest WINE under Ubuntu 13.10. All good, Played the game...watched the movie....yea ..Potatoes.
  7. I have two kids, aged 8 and 11, who have been gamers as long as they were able to game. At this point in their lives they are very much wanting to dev games. I am going thru the Amnesia Fortnight vids with them and so far they have been an amazing resource to show them, warts and all, a rough outline of the process pro game devs go through. I have not shown them the special Easter egg section for Steed yet, I will but I am working on a context for it...in parenting context is nearly everything. Thanks so much all who were involved not only for the games but for giving my kids a peek inside a world they might be growing into. (My youngest wants to know if you accept game ideas in Scratch - ) -Tom
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