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  1. Heh This happend to me too. The game was awesome though. Will probably play this several more times. Shows a lot of potential. I also had this happen.
  2. I love this sort of game, and I love what is here to play so far. I also haven't finished the prototype yet, since I really wanted to get a little time with each of the AF games tonight. So, if my comment doesn't apply to the entirety of the prototype I apologize. That being said, there are definitely some things that could be improved. The most pressing issue for me is one that I assume is just for the sake of the prototype, but I felt like as each day passed I was basically required to do whatever the minister I talked to that day asked me to do. I didn't really feel as if I had the agency to simply ignore things. For example, if a minister wanted me to investigate someone, until I rubber stamped the investigation, it seemed the day simply wouldn't progress. I was left just sitting at my desk with nothing to do. If you guys continue to pursue this project, could you maybe have it so that if the player focuses in on the clock they can progress through time? This would probably require adding variables for each scenario for "didn't do anything," but I think having the choice to ignore a problem would really help players feel as if they are truly able to control their own destiny. Second, is complexity. I think this game will really thrive if you eventually overwhelm the player. I would love to just have way more choices than I have time to actually implement. Look at the mid game of Civilization 5 as a good (yet seemingly obtuse) example of what I'm talking about here. There should be more options for things to do than could ever be realistically accomplished, but maybe it shouldn't neccesarily be particularly clear whether or not the player should be focusing on specific goals or trying to take a broad approach. Anyhow, I'm a huge fan of this concept, the art direction, the basic gameplay, the storytelling. It's all awesome. I would preorder/crowdfund this as a full game today if I had the option. Between what's here, and the interviews with each of you on the daily videos, I have no doubt that this game would probably end up on my "best of the year" list if you guys were given the ability to spend some more time on it.
  3. As a prototype, this thing is awesome. Obviously, the scope of what you guys were trying to do is way beyond what you had time to implement, but this is a game I would definitely, no questions asked, pay $20+ for if it was fleshed out. I want to go on an entire adventure where everything in this game is basically just a rough outline of a prologue (or ACT I). Also, the writing and voice acting in this is great, and Raz absolutely killed it as big leg.
  4. Thanks, that did the trick. So, this was probably my favorite of the bunch. The atmostphere and visual work was great, the puzzles were interesting, and I'd love to see what more could come of this concept. I can imagine making a longer game of this sort could be difficult, simply because it seems like it could be difficult to sustain the pace and cleverness to the puzzles over the course of multiple hours... but I would sure love to see them try to make it happen. Great job to everyone involved with this one.
  5. Playing the Steam version of this the game just straight up won't launch. I get the initial launcher screen with the check boxes for Full Screen and Invert Y Axis, but when I hit "Run Mnemonic" nothing happens.
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