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  1. Host Master: Master Host. Programmed entirely in assembly code.
  2. Oh yeah! As a mega slacker backer who never got access to the hidden forums or the fancy badges, I'm excited to go back through time!
  3. Many recent Double Fine games have introduced new tech into either the Moai or Buddha engines. Any new tech planned?
  4. Just pointing out that I created the *first* forum thread about Headlander, and totally called a past Amnesia Fortnight project. Missed it a bit by assuming it was a Pendleton Ward project, though.
  5. I'm glad estimates have it as a shorter game. It took be 32 hours of gameplay to finish Grim Fandango: Remastered, over the course of a full 100 days. And that was the only game I was playing. I still haven't finished Massive Chalice, bought on June 1st, or Brutal Legend, bought in March of 2014. Yikes.
  6. I just wanted to pop back into the thread, and let you all know I'm following along with excitement!
  7. I finally got them all downloaded! Check your sums before you wreck your sums!
  8. I'm excited to start my second playthrough, after having similar results to your first playthrough.
  9. Troubles in battles, for sure. There were a few battles near the end that literally eliminated all of my characters, and I had to search for brand new ones.
  10. Yeah, bad luck with corruption, and losing so many battles!
  11. Aw man, I was so close! I lost all but a single keep before the final battle, and then all my bloodlines die off one by one. So, big question, do I start over from Year zero? I don't know if I really "learned" anything, so I'd probably make the same bad choices. Any thoughts on what to research early/mid/late?
  12. I was pressured by friends to purchase Minecraft, long after it was out of alpha releases, so it was the full $26.95. My friend even set up an Amazon EC2 server for us to play on. I dunno. It's just boring and incomprehensible to me. What combines to make what? There's a wiki you have to read? Oh yeah, someone blew up my house while I was gone...no wait, that was a bad guy that my friend was trying to escape from. Ah, we just need to install server mods to make it fun. Um...how do I do that? The Minecraft documentation should tell us, right? Um. Yeah, nearly the most I've paid for a game in 7 years, and I haven't touched it since.
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