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  1. Seriously, you DFers. I'm having a great time playing CQ2. I don't want it to end, so I'm taking my time! Every single time I see that goofy clown face after I select "Laughter is the Best Medicine".
  2. Confirmed, or unconfirmed? http://www.polygon.com/2015/5/15/8612095/costume-quest-cartoon-frederator?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  3. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    ENGAGE WILD SPECULATION. Spoils of the Amnesia Fortnight partnership with Pendleton Ward, or something else? I know Adult Swim Games has published a lot of good games for mobile, but I hadn't realized they're the publisher of record for Jazzpunk, Völgarr the Viking, and a bunch more.
  4. I'm about 80 years into my first timeline, and I'm losing every single character with The Cadence... Is it worth it to stick it out until I lose all my territory (or, bizarrely, win), or should I restart the playthrough now? I'll admit I'm not very good at strategy games, so my progress, or lack thereof in this case, is expected.
  5. The Unofficial v1.07 Patch

    Whoa! Insta-download!
  6. In other news, a tidbit...

    Host Master: Master Host. Programmed entirely in assembly code.
  7. If this violates some forum rule, apologies, and please remove. Since some of us Double Fine fans are on really slow, intermittent internet connections, here are some MD5 checksums of the DFA episodes I've downloaded locally so far. Since I have really slow 1mbps internet, I tend to download the low resolution versions, and sometimes my connection drops in the middle of the download. I usually use Bittorrent for these kinds of large downloads just for that reason, but it's not an option with the DFA documentary. Hopefully these are useful for other people. If someone else could checksum their downloads from the Humble site, it would help me verify that I've also downloaded them successfully. Sums checked with: https://www.fourmilab.ch/md5/ DFA Episodes downloaded from Humble E7B80D121F3A4A81C00B535D6BE76A51 DFA_Ep01-480_MPEG-4.mp4 6CDA3AC2B6581AF283B442B87B745596 DFA_EP02-480_MPEG-4.mp4 34B3FD5E77AA7F60831470C24E22795C DFA_Ep03-480_MPEG-4.mp4 60591DA7C6C0CD448DE269F03C323CBB DFA_EP04-480_MPEG-4.mp4 BF907D6936E81ECC2AFD3FC03DB32C5D DFA_EP05-480_MPEG-4.mp4 0F2558FF8DE45E992D8525CC0980DCD2 DFA_EP06-480_MPEG-4.mp4 19415D1347C026BC4AC4EA547E01B46E DFA_EP07-480_MPEG-4.mp4 119BB859879CE3D0B9DBA6672B6036C2 DFA_Ep08-480_MPEG-4.mp4 3B91BA457C067F4416AAFA84DC88B9AD DFA_Ep09-480_MPEG-4.mp4 A153B3357C23390608BC3B352E79985C DFA_Ep10-480_MPEG-4.mp4 D3D6E1614CC2152E953CD0DEB296781E DFA_Ep11-480_MPEG-4.mp4 468579CA1FDFBF6DD175B7B62E971803 DFA_Ep12-480_MPEG-4.mp4 8CB95C198B4C39C0CB3AF494ECE19639 DFA_Ep13-480_MPEG-4.mp4 0509A70D5A03A544D88E2EE880062ABF DFA_Ep14-480_MPEG-4.mp4 4190BA68D83541877143531271BA5AF6 Episode15-EvergreenGames540p.mp4 C78A9055B9BFA1076E872B886C617673 episode16-thistimeitsjustforlove_540p.mp4 A31F3098DECD44DA83B4A25AD28FFFB2 Episode17_Deadline_for_Tim_480p.mp4 1830E68CF9D6C48B24AF887CF5F4D42C Episode18-ConstipationandDefcon4480p.mov c5ee397e20209fa25dd89642ada4f553 DFA_Ep19-480.mp4 9CB6D6C51AC372D101C520EE8C0649F3 DFA_Ep20HQ480.mp4 6F2353D1EAA9FF640898A53F4E762FF9 DFA_EP01-720_MPEG-4.mp4 16C2BDBF7B19F78D4227D4C21D98C0CB DFA_EP02-720_MPEG-4.mp4 6BF4B6BA3B15E2EFA7F4C3BF6C100C90 DFA_EP03-720_MPEG-4.mp4 6694A159F9597866BCF4DACC0D64EF8E DFA_EP04-720_MPEG-4.mp4 7E3995DDBA5C4DDF815A09CFE089AB86 DFA_EP05-720_MPEG-4.mp4 C0B4DF75EB73BDB120BAA298BEDB48BB DFA_EP06-720_MPEG-4.mp4 93CFD014FFE489D2A11674E366D6E577 DFA_EP07-720_MPEG-4.mp4 0EC530DA9E4CD981F65B6D1AAD441B8B DFA_EP08-720_MPEG-4.mp4 91843CC7958CEEC3472D73A8ED701387 DFA_EP09-720_MPEG-4.mp4 D7AAB583DFC7E026D42064383B0088C6 DFA_EP10-720_MPEG-4.mp4 35236FFEA2765C684DCB0CEE10546C73 DFA_EP11-720_MPEG-4.mp4 B5B41BA0E6D9E379EEB57B91D26AD7B0 DFA_EP12-720_MPEG-4.mp4 8B8EB61FF66878C04F59DC4A1D01340D DFA_EP13-720_MPEG-4.mp4 B1B97A0F15CADB95C6BCB1D44FC00ADA DFA_EP14-720_MPEG-4.mp4 2C3CD6431D8E32758BF0E6ECBD56F442 Episode15-EvergreenGames720p.mp4 6D5ABDB5611FAE897F66E948F7A2EF7F episode16-thistimeitsjustforlove_720p.mp4 F539FFE72C61F8E54FCFE68E10BCD0C5 Episode17_Deadline_for_Tim_720p.mp4 486114199014A8375D49CB1D0AFB02B1 Episode18-ConstipationandDefcon4720p.mov 97f61e02e49350a45ae84b0339341b3b DFA_Ep19-720.mp4 0A28C1D6A24F3CECC7298AD2EB2DA9A0 DFA_Ep20HQ720.mp4 4349747D7279DB2616CC5EAD60E53142 DFA_EP01-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 55E01908FBCD9B117D84191D7B58BEFF DFA_EP02-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 D129E8078B606C3E9D00CA67FF9D3BDB DFA_EP03-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 BAFA153ADA90F4127D13A4FE2D101D6E DFA_EP04-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 7ADE9CF49E82FB3F371D81957866C343 DFA_EP05-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 D318882AB4B17AEBCFA34204EFBAD987 DFA_EP06-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 E42B8EEC9DCC09494E1D73C489F004EC DFA_EP07-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 E8DAEA1CAB8C329AD12D42F3F0A8DD1B DFA_EP08-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 F47211E29CA4A7AFF0CD2A8590D4A5FA DFA_EP09-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 89600567F708AA491AF401BA1E4A759D DFA_EP10-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 61582E5F61F88909E0E9956BA4D6B1E8 DFA_EP11-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 41CBD5D7A64B422E69E370A226C5E1EB DFA_EP12-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 5484D19B62C5096BB78171D6DCA49890 DFA_EP13-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 84F9CD9F98C692B5D817008B6FE1F8C9 DFA_EP14-1080_MPEG-4.mp4 CD77E74C4099B94D07B306079FC6A1D9 Episode15-EvergreenGames1080p.mp4 4A4566CB1ED1176F4B0DF2D2FAACEDF2 episode16-thistimeitsjustforlove_1080p.mp4 B7DCCD6B0E73941E98616672F7B2B98C Episode17_Deadline_for_Tim_1080p.mov 9F14538CE50173DA3455744BAE71440B Episode18-ConstipationandDefcon41080p.mov 8fbe73bbd874fe042eea492f57c358a9 DFA_Ep19-1080.mp4 C2AB5EB96A246500D430A1162E3818B2 DFA_Ep20HQ1080.mp4 Sidequest Episodes downloaded from VHX F98CBD584B94643996846C902656A28E Sidequest Ben Peck Its Not Like This Every Day 1080p.mp4 6453F00FC217DB84FDB801A7A44FA7B5 Sidequest Ben Peck Its Not Like This Every Day 360p.mp4 DFAB32A26DBFD9BAA5DE72D9CB7DBC5E Sidequest Ben Peck Its Not Like This Every Day 540p.mp4 CED355AC67DF3B0C5F88B01C313F5112 Sidequest Ben Peck Its Not Like This Every Day 720p.mp4 DC4D07FC8BA7EAE9A45FB21225662018 Sidequest Camden Stoddard The Weight of the Sound 1080p.mp4 317C0D95CAB83DCEF2A1652F731750B1 Sidequest Camden Stoddard The Weight of the Sound 360p.mp4 FD9F7EB6A89FAE22371B7E820E5DD574 Sidequest Camden Stoddard The Weight of the Sound 540p.mp4 B5C8BBD7CCAAF6459CCA952B95B7B2E1 Sidequest Camden Stoddard The Weight of the Sound 720p.mp4 5AADAF0F08A4B58C1C91AC0B7FEB05DB Sidequest Justin Bailey My Seat Only Goes Back so Far 1080p.mp4 51649AC89F0B01BFF3090480F03D5FAD Sidequest Justin Bailey My Seat Only Goes Back so Far 360p.mp4 57E614AC47CACE8514901B81EA82B41B Sidequest Justin Bailey My Seat Only Goes Back so Far 540p.mp4 00F550C8FA23605E72EBA8C53B5F7BBD Sidequest Justin Bailey My Seat Only Goes Back so Far 720p.mp4 35BA71B9AEFCE65D9AE912B5466865EF Sidequest Khris Brown The Purity of Your Intent 1080p.mp4 537A154082AE9D45232402159A47C769 Sidequest Khris Brown The Purity of Your Intent 360p.mp4 76134BD1845620DBEC8561DFF3BAFDE1 Sidequest Khris Brown The Purity of Your Intent 540p.mp4 0E93827EA08E529BB99268C8AA1693CA Sidequest Khris Brown The Purity of Your Intent 720p.mp4 ED695EA8BD321D8C5BAAFFEED3E8119B SQAnnaSC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 97D97212BA8B8BADE5B297BED6548640 SQAnnaSC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 60CCEA48941ACDEFC6AD4E0A12F8215F SQAnnaSC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 B5BABB7813375097B612AFDE295F8C96 SQAnnaSC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 571678F84EAFB8B89BF18C0E3C51F7C2 SQBrandonSC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 1A777100B93130486B95B029637F4935 SQBrandonSC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 595E14FE90A5186C9C18C797363429D6 SQBrandonSC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 5A695E57AB280296B63A7D276171F4D6 SQBrandonSC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 744492105FBEAA5AF82A69BBFA19B3BB SQJPSC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 997A26E9A1CA99872F590979A8584A1A SQJPSC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 9F40E0254A452CC3C03EA633CF715779 SQJPSC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 82E79E39A973352C621C526FA407E7C4 SQJPSC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 C3B4E29C10D8D40D1148B112AD2C7900 SQLeeSC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 BD92FBB9ADC5D4A20A6939BF57D8A0EE SQLeeSC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 046AD4559BC46E9D3A765A4403C37AE6 SQLeeSC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 6E90694805E0CE77A27887EC1FA412B6 SQLeeSC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 D17B4F0BE67213C64C2CCE197699F767 SQOliverSC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 7F3D0AA1F3756B42A85A9E849644351E SQOliverSC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 713A771A9B6213C88F334DDA2128D2B0 SQOliverSC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 0E64B5E6B8D49F4CC658E217366AABF9 SQOliverSC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 5FF81469FFAC20ED47E834AE673600C2 SQRaySC-HD1080p_1080p.mp4 1AEEF8A6E558B66019E947AA767335B3 SQRaySC-HD1080p_360p.mp4 EFFBB4541AACCC712014C3F167D29CE7 SQRaySC-HD1080p_540p.mp4 91724AC68C3803BD4096D4F1A04E9383 SQRaySC-HD1080p_720p.mp4 EDIT: Updated checksums on 720p versions of Ep11 and Ep 12. Added Ep17. Thanks nmalinoski! EDIT2: Added 480p, 720p, and 1080p versions of Ep18. EDIT3: Added Sidequests from VHX! I told you guys my internet was slow... EDIT4: Added sums for Ep19, and clarified where each set was downloaded from. Thanks again, nmalinoski! EDIT: Added sums for Episode 20! What an amazing documentary!
  8. Forum cleanup

    Oh yeah! As a mega slacker backer who never got access to the hidden forums or the fancy badges, I'm excited to go back through time!
  9. Headlander Q&A with Lee and the team

    Many recent Double Fine games have introduced new tech into either the Moai or Buddha engines. Any new tech planned?
  10. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    Just pointing out that I created the *first* forum thread about Headlander, and totally called a past Amnesia Fortnight project. Missed it a bit by assuming it was a Pendleton Ward project, though.
  11. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    I'm glad estimates have it as a shorter game. It took be 32 hours of gameplay to finish Grim Fandango: Remastered, over the course of a full 100 days. And that was the only game I was playing. I still haven't finished Massive Chalice, bought on June 1st, or Brutal Legend, bought in March of 2014. Yikes.
  12. Taking up the Mantle

    I just wanted to pop back into the thread, and let you all know I'm following along with excitement!
  13. Like I did for the DFA Documentary, I figure others might find checksums of their video downloads to be helpful. It takes me a while, so please be patient... Sums checked with: https://www.fourmilab.ch/md5/ AF2014 episodes downloaded from Humble 480p C698A0349B1C9F30D0A2065631B00B97 day0_480_1431532619.mp4 8B12B6CEE6A3ABF3B158D3D18F630814 day1_480_1431532619.mp4 4E18997A51827FFEA3D2BE53B79DB8B6 day2_480_1431532619.mp4 67CB93E88E8517EEF696DB3125857FC1 day3_480_1431532619.mp4 747D49ABA5DF66F61633CA58DB929D65 day4_480_1431532619.mp4 B93DEC3B892C48897E0F2EEE8BE11CFB day5_480_1431532619.mp4 B9902890E77DAED32DA1A6E8C615E597 day6_480_1431532619.mp4 025EFBB96CA5D14793ED06749740B34D day7_480_1431532619.mp4 E15E3977AAF53E3BF16C1D2D30E4CF54 day8_480_1431532619.mp4 15EC0B05E10ADB8CAC51FA2317DCA5D9 day9_480_1431532619.mp4 DB49E03DB73DCAD8B8E19E91BE6695D6 Day10_480_1431532619.mp4 97108DCB0940B4936C4AD196658FD4BE day1_1480_1431532619.mp4 (Day 11) 75CBC82490E8F5A6B283DD34C7988021 AF2014Trailer480_1431532619.mp4 A97F8E47E192628F953D8EC6312940CA AudioTeam480_1431532619.mp4 6C1EB07DB7C16B6350CC364A17E1691A DearLeader480_1431532619.mp4 48F28A9463606031FB606C4AA9155FA9 LPBB480_1431532619.mp4 39304965B08C97E1F2410104928B1C56 Mnemonic480_1431532619.mp4 1AE413E310F69410F9FBF0CA21CC3468 PennSpoiler480_1431532619.mp4 AB995A976F8A425F5143C2ED7C4B7EDD PitchesLongplay480_1431532619.mp4 F2972A3A06465BB69E3005C6FB465643 Steed480_1431532619.mp4 DE2520AD8AC3342A30464D0B4114CD4F TimPennInterview480_1431532619.mp4 47DCDCEEBE11DC3B7BCE30ACB4D77A9E TimsPitch480_1431532619.mp4 DB78CE8BB69D2DDCC0E37DE7C18E4641 Top3Winnersfixed480_1431532619.mp4 720p F38CE447773B381AABDB212EF6AEF01D day0_720_1431532619.mp4 A0C582EA30F3FB958C6F98F4F6E3F0FF day1_720_1431532619.mp4 5126717288670C33AE5119C980F2105C day2_720_1431532619.mp4 B913F09A1E8B83F6F3C3A4F4F48E1639 day3_720_1431532619.mp4 DA5F9945055038929AF449F83E7C93F5 day4_720_1431532619.mp4 665C904B7CC18670B668CDC37903D433 day5_720_1431532619.mp4 EEB08099043C1662110DB734DDD87F2A day6_720_1431532619.mp4 3ACA743D716B5C3BE9AE222517F505C9 day7_720_1431532619.mp4 704211B010F67DC6E463CB90736CCEA3 day8_720_1431532619.mp4 7DA83026135D343CB5590E03895029F6 day9_720_1431532619.mp4 0698DAC8DB62E70F0F4BC103ED153F9A Day10_720_1431532619.mp4 394E693252D14F0FA94E496058BC1898 day1_1720_1431532619.mp4 (Day 11) C0B55F2F3BC0BCC6128EF4E931FCA386 AF2014Trailer720_1431532619.mp4 461BFDC6F416169C2126D839254703D5 AudioTeam720_1431532619.mp4 BCC3914061491E333B21E98EDBFC56FD DearLeader720_1431532619.mp4 DBD02785790A42FCD72B29286F342E9F LPBB720_1431532619.mp4 424EA570FD5F3A9F1DB1298CA43432E4 Mnemonic720_1431532619.mp4 2E5F4F01A02A942E137E7208BC40EDC3 PennSpoiler720_1431532619.mp4 C98E009F2419BCCF0875BFA1E7EF152D PitchesLongplay720_1431532619.mp4 EA3E77951387E53F3EAEA0164FDC8BC0 Steed720_1431532619.mp4 E42566370DD6D6C15C176834D387440A TimPennInterview720_1431532619.mp4 F80CAC228C4963BBA98FD6E0F25940C0 TimsPitch720_1431532619.mp4 72AC3C9D756C55B51608A61C1A25E42C Top3Winnersfixed720_1431532619.mp4 1080p E20C794DD77B542D1DAD1DB88272AA34 day0_1080_1431532619.mp4 C57449FE979CD178DB7CBDFC9EB0F2AC day1_1080_1431532619.mp4 A4EC184B5ABF678A2C4AD8A4D8187CA9 day2_1080_1431532619.mp4 1DC0DB5555B5BD16AB21CB59D7D3261E day3_1080_1431532619.mp4 5251461CFDEDEA53771164E787DF575E day4_1080_1431532619.mp4 E55A43F900FA053626A981E4971A9D69 day5_1080_1431532619.mp4 5E15DFB73D3DC8A6B4297B296EDB7499 day6_1080_1431532619.mp4 73AB334FD794BBF3F482E8A4C652F0CD day7_1080_1431532619.mp4 B5E6DB0F063FE923E6342322359952A5 day8_1080_1431532619.mp4 5B767D54924B005753703404C9316542 day9_1080_1431532619.mp4 550C10C847B82689A589922BA258614A Day10_1080_1431532619.mp4 BEADEE55B316FE4D66EDAAFA67053EBB day1_11080_1431532619.mp4 (Day 11) 747DE43102433EC442A60772EBD18F72 AF2014Trailer1080_1431532619.mp4 AE1DACAFD4079CC9AE0FBE75148DC607 AudioTeam1080_1431532619.mp4 200EB1CC1F7870CA9AF4410EC0235AD0 DearLeader1080_1431532619.mp4 DE4B7ADBD6242B882F3BC37AB2526627 LPBB1080_1431532619.mp4 520A67DA32182DF6680DAA4F9635C996 Mnemonic1080_1431532619.mp4 FAF49482498CD132EB3F0B1DBE31BD4E PennSpoiler1080_1431532619.mp4 66A138122E6D7F7AC5544A05DA69B490 PitchesLongplay1080_1431532619.mp4 6564447FA972169148A2004913A3DDD2 Steed1080_1431532619.mp4 F483DA4388452B2C55ED306E11D14D94 TimPennInterview1080_1431532619.mp4 DAB60191CD12C9EDBB7B67B0752B71E1 TimsPitch1080_1431532619.mp4 5DB428EB69201207C6A83A68CFA4C398 Top3Winnersfixed1080_1431532619.mp4
  14. I finally got them all downloaded! Check your sums before you wreck your sums!
  15. Aw man, I was so close! I lost all but a single keep before the final battle, and then all my bloodlines die off one by one. So, big question, do I start over from Year zero? I don't know if I really "learned" anything, so I'd probably make the same bad choices. Any thoughts on what to research early/mid/late?
  16. MD5 checksums of DFA documentary episodes

    Sums added for Episode 20!
  17. 1st playthrough

    I'm excited to start my second playthrough, after having similar results to your first playthrough.
  18. Loving the game...but I think I'm not very good at it?

    Troubles in battles, for sure. There were a few battles near the end that literally eliminated all of my characters, and I had to search for brand new ones.
  19. Alas! Died in year 301! But it was awesome!

    Yeah, bad luck with corruption, and losing so many battles!
  20. I was pressured by friends to purchase Minecraft, long after it was out of alpha releases, so it was the full $26.95. My friend even set up an Amazon EC2 server for us to play on. I dunno. It's just boring and incomprehensible to me. What combines to make what? There's a wiki you have to read? Oh yeah, someone blew up my house while I was gone...no wait, that was a bad guy that my friend was trying to escape from. Ah, we just need to install server mods to make it fun. Um...how do I do that? The Minecraft documentation should tell us, right? Um. Yeah, nearly the most I've paid for a game in 7 years, and I haven't touched it since.
  21. Thanks so much you guys! :D!

    I've got to say, on the subject of Father's Day, I'm LOVING Massive Chalice, especially for this reason: While I'm on baby care duty, I can play a turn, change a diaper, play a turn, fix a bottle, play a turn, all without forgetting to pause, because it's totally turn-based. I love that.
  22. Thanks so much you guys! :D!

    Baby pics are a fine social currency! Our little one came in the first week of April, so I know what's up too!
  23. Soundtrack licensing

    Is it GEMA? If so, it's a known issue.
  24. GOG achievements?

    My guess is that the game was close to release when Galaxy achievements went live, and adding anither testing cycle was untenable. The APIs are different, so adding it in would open up the possibility of bug regressions.