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  1. We played this prototype several times, with varying degrees of success even when we knew what we needed to do. It was still amusing each time, though it got frustrating when we said the key words to the potato bud and nothing happened. (Oddly, if at that point we re-entered the house, the whole house potato would replay, and then when we backed up we'd warp to the next potato.) I'm not sure if it was our system, but the other scene was REALLY dark... to the degree that my hubby messed with the game settings and started reading the code to try to figure out how to make it brighter. Long story short, we really enjoyed this game. It was fun talking to the buds, and I'm really curious now to see what each of their backstories would be, given the opportunity. I also want to see what the different mini-games would be -- hubby found notes in the code about flipping the eggs and lots of additional dialogue tests that didn't make it to the finished prototype. I think this has a lot of potential for a big complete game. And the audio... wow. Nicely done. I love the Boom Box Bud's tunes, those are hilarious. The voices are also so much fun. Though when the buds turn angry, they're all scary but two stand out: the bud who says he's going to tickle me, and Floaty. Angry Floaty is super creepy. Perfect, but creepy. Nice job, guys.
  2. I tried to do that, and somehow big leg ended up outside the house but he glitched out and just repeatedly tried to tell me to open the door to the house. We tried to do this too, and ended up back inside the house. The whole pre-potato house scene replayed, so we got to do that again. At one point, under all the other buds yelling scary stuff at us, we heard Big Leg essentially saying goodbye to us, so I don't think there's supposed to be a way to save him.
  3. Of the four that prototypes that were made, this was the one highest on my wish list. I really wanted to see this game made, and am glad I got the chance to play a prototype! Thanks for all your hard work! Here is my initial input: * I need a newer computer. My graphics card couldn't handle this game (or really any of the prototypes) to the degree it deserved. * The horse is definitely the focus of this game. I enjoyed the way she was animated and drawn - super cute horse! * The "do something horse-like" options were cool. I'm glad there were several different options in there. * Combat on my laggy machine was difficult with many enemies, but fun when there were only a couple around me. The lag on my machine also didn't help in positioning the kicks properly, but strangely I didn't have the same issue with the spellbook. I'd love to play this on a newer machine; I think it would really improve the combat. * Some people have mentioned wanting to see other combat moves. For a 2-week game, I don't expect anything further, but if you do have the chance to make this a full-length game, be sure to check out the Andalusian horses. I've seen them perform, and they have some amazing combat moves. * Twig is a great weapon/prop/accessory for this prorotype. I'd love to see him return in the full game. One of the things about the pitch that I loved the most, though, was the "many bumbling heroes" feature, and I've love to see that realized. Either with different heroes for different missions, or as a player choice (like how you can choose your class or henchmen in most existing RPG games). Overall, though, this was fabulous! Awesome job.
  4. I also didn't get access to the search edict and got messages about the counter-revolutionary causing trouble after I killed him, but the game overall looks great. I think the music adds a perfect touch to the feel of the game, and the art is amazing. Thematically, everything fits together perfectly. I'll be trying different things in additional play-throughs, but really enjoyed my first look at Dear Leader!
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