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  1. I love the concept of this game and it was a lot of fun. I was trying to get all the achievements. I always played connected online to Steam. Although I guess there is always the chance of a temporary Wi-Fi glitch I didn't spot. I collected all the creepy treat treat cards from the main game and got an extra costume if I remember correctly. But no decked out achievement. I then completed the DLC and completed collecting the 2nd set of creepy treat cards. Still no achievement. I went back and collected more duplicate card when definitely online and still no achievement. I played the game in one save slot and so don't have any previous mid-game saves to go back to. I have been told the achievement should have popped when I got the full set in the main game and got the extra costume. Is that correct? Is there anyway I can get my current completed play through to recognise I have the complete sets and give me the achievement? Do I have to play the whole game from the start to get the achievement? I enjoyed the game but I don't think I can face playing the whole game again. Combat got a little repetitive by the end.
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