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  1. If there is one thing that always bug me when playing the original is the kids running around in the lizard costumes and the knowledge that if i could get my hands on one i could get a dragon or similar on my team, so my highest request is to see a dragon costume if possible. Abilities of said dragon could be: normal health, heightened attack, normal attack: a flying swoop attack, special attack: fire breath (inspired i know) sets foes aflame Aside from that i would like to see a return of the knight, vampire, pirate, scarecrow and unicorn because of favoritism if nothing else, the costumes i would mind the least to go would be the statue of liberty, french fires, eyeball, yeti and black cat, but this is again just my opinion. my other costumes ideas are ghost with chains (think of "a Christmas carol"): high health low attack, special move: immobilize foes with chains for one turn cowboy (gunslinger): high attack low health special move:quick-draw, causes high damage to one foe and grants party counterattack for the rest of the turn. Werewolf: balanced stats, special: wolf moon heals party slightly and summons wolfs to attack foes after party's turn is over lasts 2 round. Frankenstein: massive health, horrible attack, special: lightning uppercut stuns single foe increase user attack (can stack last to end of battle) lastly samurai: massive attack horrible health, special:Bushido high damage to single foe, foes are awed (will not attack samurai if possible next turn)
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