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  1. This is a super rare bug that was fixed in the PC version. Don't worry, the window of time that it happens is very small and odds are great that you won't run into it.
  2. Most of the time, the content goes live at 2am PST. While this happen with the Rise of the Martian DLC???? Only time will tell!
  3. I try to catch them but if some linger just send me a PM.
  4. You can't go back to the real world but you can go back to Meat Circus cause that is still in your mind. When you start at the last check out point of MC don't go through the curtain to the boss fight but turn around. You'll see the little green guy there and he will warp you to the beginning of the level so you can go back and get figments.
  5. Also, is it at all possible to try the game on a different Xbox 360?
  6. Double Fine QA

    new world

    Sorry, I catch a lot of the spam but some slip through. Through the holidays is rough cause they double up their efforts.
  7. Nathan is right. I was confusing the excellent game Psychonauts with the awesome game Brutal Legend. Sorry for the miscommunication!
  8. The punchy targets are pretty easy. What issue do you have with them?
  9. There are two parts to that level. The figments are split from the bottom part with the plays and the top part with the catwalks. Go back up to the catwalks and make sure you didn't miss any up there. Your video doesn't show the second part.
  10. Next person who creates a thread like this gets a special present.
  11. We are still working on it and will post info when we can.
  12. Tim has already posted about this issue and not much more to say about it. It won't affect new playthroughs after the first patch. Sorry you had this experience.
  13. You mean how Costume Quest is available right now on Steam?
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