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  1. Your explanation is especially relevant with the news that the Massive chalice port will be an XBox One Console exclusive. I was disappointed to know MC won't come to PS4, but I'm glad Microsoft and Sony are smart enough to fight for dibs.
  2. Well, my wish came true in a way I hadn't dared hope. I've been waiting to play Grim Fandango on something, ANYTHING, for years, and here it comes to my favorite platform. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your indie and AF titles will keep making the migration. Thanks!
  3. Dear Double Fine: Allow me to express my ongoing love for Double Fine and all its games. I'm very gratified to see you exercising your newfound creative freedom with such awesome results. Which is why I hesitantly ask, have you considered porting your work to Playstation systems? I understand the importance of not being tethered to AAA backers, but as a gamer who plays primarily through his console, I sometimes miss out on your work. I invite the community to either chime in with a "here here!" or chastise me for my naiveté. As for you, Double Fine, may you live forever. Spacemonkey Ham
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