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  1. So amazing. Definitely an important and inspiring story to share. Super proud of you!
  2. Thanks very much, @flesk and @Acefox!
  3. So many possibilities. Dinosaur. Mummy. Wizard. Zombie. Kangaroo (kick attack, special attack where little joeys come hopping out and pounce on enemies).
  4. So happy you like it! Looks gorgeous framed. Also, the color on your pictures is so much better! You and your fancy camera.
  5. Thanks!! Yes, these are very tiny tiles (0.1" each) that I place onto boards. Here is a close-up progress shot.
  6. I recently became obsessed with pixel mosaics and what better subject matter for my very first mosaic than Psychonauts? Thanks to @sl0ttedpig, the image choice was obvious. The finished work is now framed, hanging on his wall. This piece measures 25" x 20" and took me 100 hours to complete. I laid 50,000 individual tiles by hand using tweezers. Here is an overview and two detail shots.
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