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  1. Uh, AnAnemoneInAnonymity, I don't see Kickstarter using the word "Donation". Least of all in your quote. I do see donation oriented kickstarts - however, these actually use the word "Donation" on their page. Doublefine is conspicuous in not using the word "Donation" on their kickstarter page. Furthermore, Doublefine did not treat this as a donation; they treated it as an exchange of goods. Reading the bit on accountability, it says to me I should kick up a huge fuss about any action on the project's part that feels insincere to me, to help make sure people in the future are aware of that project's bad faith behavior. Accountability by making sure folks are aware of the bad faith actions. I have yet to be contacted by Doublefine for constructive compromise. I have been dressed down by fanfolks. I have been offered a refund (Which I said Ok to, but have not received a responce to the "Ok" nor have I received the refund) The plan seemed clear - when the plan became not so clear, I publicly asked in the comments for clarity. There was no response to the comment. Instead, the FAQ was silently updated and no mention given. See the original comment. Don’t hesitate to request information from a creator. You can always reach out before pledging via the “Contact me” button on the project page. I repeatedly reached out to doublefine, by the comment before the thing closed, by email, by kickstarter messages and with greater frequency as time passed. I'm open to compromise. 95 images with practically no requests from this thread is not compromise.
  2. Love how the blood line editor only has 5 weapons (two of which are arrows) as of 7:45AM CST 5/16/2014. This is not what was promised last year, and seems to have ignored feedback on the thread meant to touch with the community and find out what we bloodline backers wanted. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13604/P0/ I will be PMing for a refund as described: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/340319/ Seriously, only 17 animals, 28 shapes, 6 environments, 14 nature objects, 11 object objects, 14 organic objects, & 5 weapons (two of which are arrows?!) = 95 total. You have 2,152 bloodline backers. That's a ratio of 22 bloodline backers per singular image. Sorry guys, this feels like it's phoned in. Couldn't get bloodline backer artwork done despite it raising an extra $172,160? v_v Cue Smiles' defense in 3... EDIT: Apologies, this was prompted by the newest update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fines-massive-chalice/posts/845378
  3. I am still being ignored by DF staff members. I still await a constructive reply from a staff member. But, my two bits and the wife's two bits are for a reaper's scythe and a calla lily.
  4. Re Smiles wanting to be understanding: This is a reason to not extend them the benefit of the doubt. I've extended it to them for almost a year. The game's projected release date is/was August 2014. 4 months away. I will now be quiet and wait a few business days to see if there is an official response.
  5. Summary: I complained on June 20th. June 21st the FAQ gets edited, but the backers aren't informed. Regarding this thread being email blasted to all backers - this thread has existed for 20 days. It's a little long to wait before email blasting your backers - you know, the fans who paid for all this and deserve to know this stuff? Long: Interesting. I don't recall seeing any such thing in the FAQ before I put my money down. *goes to find the reference* Link Interesting. the date on that portion of the faq is June 21st. If you examine the post with my initial complaint ( Link ) you will see that my complaint predates the timestamp of the FAQ you reference. Furthermore, if you read the entire thread you'll see there was no official response to this complaint. You'll also see I was not alone in my concern about the sigil editor. So I was supposed to re-read the faq every day to be updated about this? The creators had time to edit the faq, but not post an update OR reply in the comments to the many people asking questions about sigils? Faq edits do not provoke an email blast to the backers. Further damaging your statement/position is this thread's creation date: March 14th. It's 20 days later, no email blast has gone out to the backers. This feels like sweeping it under the rug and hoping people don't complain.
  6. This is one of those things that does not make sense. Why, oh why are you insisting on hobbling your donators with a pre-selected library of stuff? My wife and I where terribly excited by the idea of getting to design a permanent sigil and other House oriented stuff. A very personal, and permanent piece of my family entwined into what sounds like an awesome game. Ever since the kickstarter ended I've tried contacting Double Fine through Kickstarter and checking these forums irregularly. I have tried to keep in the loop on Massive Chalice, however the only contact the massive chalice team seems to see fit is twitch streams. I have a life where gaming - while valued - is not the centerpiece. My family and business comes first. Why then, do you choose to lock up the information on Massive Chalice in those infernal twitch streams with no summary whatsoever? When I looked at these forums a while back, they where empty. I've tried PMing on the kickstarter boards. I posted 7 days before the kickstarter project cleared, when the team first hinted they may use a pre-selected library of junk. I was ignored. Why was this thread not pushed out to all the bloodlines backers? Other kickstarters regularly send out targeted information that only hits the tiers it's supposed to. I want flexibility. I want to either create the outline myself, or to be able to import a picture and have it flattened to match the color scheming. Is that so much to ask? Let me import a picture to your program, and then reduce it to mono-color. Don't even need to have fancy filters to make it a more artistic mono-color outline; although I am certain other backers would appreciate that. Seneschul
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