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    Hey! I'm Scarfulhu. I own a semi-known YouTube channel where I do overview/review things for old video games and media. People seem to like me. I still, to this day, cannot work out why.
  1. Just a couple of Jane Jensen books. I thoroughly enjoyed her Gabriel Knight novels so I was interested in her other work too.
  2. Kinda getting nostalgic over the old forums. I remember I used to do streams and a small number of people would consistently turn up. Good fun. I miss the old days.
  3. MacLean Marshall sure knows how to induce panic.
  4. I wonder if the Odd Gentlemen are King's Quest fans? It'll be a good thing if they are, and very strange if they're not. It still seems like an odd choice, no pun intended, but I reckon if they have the passion behind the series then they can do it.
  5. I did a review on the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis! It's not quite as good as my previous videos, but I've been trying to finish this video for a while and just got around to doing so.
  6. Oh my, some people on this forum look so silly right now. Haha. I never doubted it for a second.
  7. Suddenly? It's been like this for a long time now. People complain if a character's hat is tilted the wrong way these days.
  8. This game truly is horrific. I could only bear an hour, and that was a stretch. You are a strong willed fellow for playing this game for as long as you have been. - I actually did a video on this game a few months ago. (Sorry to toot my own horn a bit, but it is relevant, and maybe you guys will enjoy it?)
  9. Well considering I just finished Gabriel Knight 2, I'll likely move onto the third game, which I hear is the weakest of the series. Some people say it's really bad, others say it's still pretty good. I guess I'll make my own judgement. I've also become addicted to Injustice: Gods Among Us. That game is hella fun.
  10. I personally hate how my GOG games are currently organised. Their online "virtual shelf" bothers me to no end. If they can make a better one than that in a client, then I'll be happy. If not, eh. No harm done. I just like the idea, myself. It's clear that it's not for everyone, and they make that plainly clear for everyone. It's an optional service.
  11. This beauty. Hasn't arrived yet, but I sure did buy it. I also bought Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete and Injustice: Gods Among Us on Steam recently too.
  12. I down with this. I like GOG but I want more organisation out of my games. Sounds good to me. Obviously it's not for everyone.
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