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  1. On the rare chance I get a hit in when I have to face wrinklers twice in a row (like after defending a keep and then have a choice between fighting wrinklers and fighting wrinklers) - There's pretty much no way not to lose. My heroes can be spaced apart in age just fine but that means their skills are also spaced out. Meaning my hunter that COULD kill all of the wrinklers can't get in range to do it without dying, and that's assuming she wont miss every time because apparently even 91% chance to hit means more like 4% chance to hit (her traits say she should hit, everything points to being able to kill them, but that 9% chance always seems to roll up). Also Wrinklers apparently are incapable of missing or glancing? Every time I get up against them they do more than enough damage to just outright destroy my team. I may be just playing the game wrong, but to me it really feels like getting more than one of this enemy on the field at a time and my chances of beating it go down far too low.
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