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  1. Much of this tallies with my experience, except I'd never breed in heart disease - I don't think it's needed (well, it certainly isn't - none of my regents had heart disease in my second run and I had level 10 guys by 250, without doing much gaming the system). Still, I think you analysis of the game right now is pretty good. I think a lot of these facts are gonna change up pretty soon as we get a big patch this week, and they start to turn their focus away from XP farming regents and more towards the research curve, and further balance heroes. Exciting times! Heart disease is really good because it makes it so the regents and spouses and such don't stick around getting old instead of popping out babies. I hate it when I've got some infertile old person stuck in a keep while the person I want to replace them with gets old. If they die young it solves the whole problem.
  2. I'm not sure if something like this is planned or not, but it'd be really cool to have a family tree view, perhaps a giant one, that you can scroll for miles, maybe with portraits and some extra info that shows all the wedded heroes and their children. Semi-related, I'd also like to see a way to make the old and infertile abdicate.
  3. When a guys kills one of the cadence I find it really annoying that the cadence dies as a separate turn. It wastes a lot of time and makes the attack-death sequence feel less than fluid. I'm not sure why something dying can't be part of the same turn as your guy killing it. Anyway, not really bug, just an annoyance.
  4. Looks awesome! Thanks for checking that it fit. : D : D
  5. The one seems less thematically appropriate than the one that got the not thematically appropriate label earlier. Funny slogans, though.
  6. Yay! Mine got accepted. Hopefully they have the cut off part of my keep name - I assume they'd have said something if not. : )
  7. Yes, but it can't be set always as intended. For example instead of 55.9 (from .85 to .99) you get 55.85 (or from .81 to .84 you get .8 etc) no matter what. This and asymmetrical symbols could made some unintentional imperfections, as can be seen here: I tried to make one like that just to see how it was done and came up with these. Couldn't quite get one like it, though. (That said, I do like my blue and white one.)
  8. Nice and clear design! Your names contain a lot of diacritic. Unfortunately, it seems that editor doesn't support some specific diacritic such as slavic caron ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caron ) or overring and resets all the settings I made. Not sure if it's only not supported or it should be reported as a bug. Yeah, it's kind of temperamental. When I was trying different names I came across a couple that would cause resets. Fortunately I was able to hit the back button and recover previous state somehow. For languages with more unicode trickiness I can only imagine how frustrating it'll be. I'm still hoping that they have my full keep name and that I won't have to come up with a new one. It didn't have any crazy characters, though.
  9. [del]If I see the alphabet stuff when I go to my pending page does it mean mine got lost? (I thought for sure it was working when the save button worked.) (I turned off all my Firefox extensions.)[/del] Figured it out - you also need to turn them off to see the submitted one.
  10. I submitted mine, but the keep name got cut off. Hopefully an adjustment of some kind can be made.
  11. I'd like to see an option to make a layer an invert-type mask so that we can overlay a region split between two colors and have the opposite color show on each side. I've attached an example of how it might work.
  12. I'd like to see some Southwestern imagery - cactus, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, suns with rays, a Zia, and such. I'd also like to see a good selection of swords (rapiers, longswords, etc.):
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