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  1. Hi, thank for your reply. Unfortunately issue occurs even if other applications are unistalled.
  2. [uPDATE] I found a way to avoid some performance issues - once I uninstalled Facebook and Messenger applications, game seems to run much better. If you are not using these apps, please note that Facebook and Messenger applications runs permanently. It can help to delete another applications which are running in background.
  3. One last thing: to be completely honest I would like to bring to your kind notice that I like your Game`s style; I like the way they are designed, how gameplay works etc. I think that it would be very enjoyable to play The Cave without any issues:)
  4. I don't get it - for almost a month I can't get any reply for my problems from Double Fine. For sure you have a lot of mails from worried clients, but to be honest - month without any hearings from you is too much. First (on 18th April) I had sent an e-mail to your support. When I don't get any answer, I politely posted this topic on forum and patiently waited. Now I lost my patience because month is passing and I still can't use your product with satisfaction. Since The Cave for Android works for me like Beta rather than Stable production version, please be fair enough to even answer for my mail / posts. So, I am asking again - are there any solutions for issues mentioned by me?
  5. Hi everyone, I created this topic to post issues related to Android port of The Cave game (Android version 4.0 & up). I am using Nexus 10 tablet device. Unfortunately, I am occurring some big performance issues, which are disturbing a lot: 1. From the very begining game is running very slow, and sometimes even "choppy". I don't think that my device is too weak, since I am not occurring any performance issues when playing other 3D games. 2. When I listen game sounds through my Bluetooth headset, they sounds "laggy" - like in the past, when you ran the game with high graphic settings on weak computer. This bug does not appear if I am not using Bluetooth headset. My device is running stock KitKat Android, 4.4.2 version. I had downloaded game straight from Google Play. Does someone has any advices how to avoid these issues (maybe installer downloaded incorrect binaries?)? Maybe Double Fine is planning to release patch in the near future?
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