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  1. Having completed the game, I have a couple of ideas that could help fine-tune and improve the game. First up, the function rooms. I found the whole layout and implementation of the rooms to be overly complex. It was hard to know where certain values were being loaded from, or what the final output should be. The "data crystals" are all similar, bright colors and designs, and some operations seem confusing or unnecessary (e.g. the modulo and the "hack the planet" string concat). The program flow seemed very linear, even if loops or conditionals were in use. Perhaps different designs could be added to the crystals, like squares and stars, to better differentiate from the others. Also, displaying the values of the data crystals would be very helpful as well. I think the modulo test should be removed entirely and replaced with a second breakpoint bomb test to give a little more experience with the bombs. Large complex operations should be split into multiple smaller operations for the sake of simplicity (eg. "hack .. the .. planet" becomes "hack .. the" -> "result .. planet"). Next, the overall gameflow. For me, the name changing puzzle took much longer than need be. A small hint about how to use Ada and Halcyon would be most excellent. Also, I think the number of wishes Halcyon gives should be unlimited from the start. The "wishing for more wishes" seems a bit redundant for my tastes, but who knows. Also, the second Alice talks to the scientist, she essentially becomes a self aware AI, and immediately knows phrases like "hacking" and "functions", even though she learned about the whole "my life is a simulation" thing that day. Lastly, a suggestion for the final act: allow for some "real world application" with the loupe and bombs. Some "juggernaught" guards that have no port by default would be good for the bombs, and door hacking with the loupe could re-open the vats. Allow the player to become accustom to the new mechanics outside the tutorial puzzles before ushering them along to the final boss. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope I didn't bore you with a giant wall o' text. ;-P TL;DR More straightforward function puzzles, some hints for the Warden, and give the loupe and bombs a helpful application outside the boss fight and tutorials.
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