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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Brent Chittenden. I'm the co-host, producer and whatever-we-happen-to-need for Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff. We are Toronto's fastest growing podcast about pop culture. Last year we did an award show called The Assies (we are nothing if not witty) and for the follow up this year we've decided to add a Nerd Hall of Fame. We have three entrants selected for induction this year and I am proud to say that Mr. Schafer has been elected in. Mr. Schafer was elected based on his contributions to making the world of video games a more awesome place. From Monkey Island to Brutal Legend, the games he has worked on are not only innovative and later influential to the industry but they tend to be really fun. Congratulations Mr. Schafer...um...there is no real award...or a building to hold it in... but if you're ever in Toronto, we're buying drinks! Feel free to post an acceptance speech below, we'll read it on the episode (we also accept them in mp3). www.nerdholes.blogspot.com
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