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  1. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    You are welcome. Oh, I forgot to mention: if you too are using the standalone version, you will have to modify the instructions slightly. You will find the save files in Library/Application Support/Doublefine/CostumeQuest. Just in case you didn't already know.
  2. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    Years later, no official fix. I doubt one is coming. However, I found a workaround on Steam, and I can confirm that it works on the Mac standalone version as well: http://steamcommunity.com/app/115100/discussions/0/828938532694322076/#p1 Why such a seemingly simple problem was never solved is beyond me, but there you are. You can get it working in seconds.
  3. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    Happy No Update, I mean New Year! I couldn't resist.
  4. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    Well good! People should play this awesome game! Ahem, especially once it's been fixed.
  5. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    I didn't know about the bundle! But yes, that would be grand.
  6. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    Still no news on this, it seems? Looks like it affects the Steam version as well, but I was considering redeeming the Steam key included in the old Humble Bundle, to see if that might work better. But if I did so, would I be able to load my saved game from the standalone version?
  7. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    You're right, of course, and I certainly won't bother pestering them any further. This thread was started over a year ago, however, which does not inspire much confidence that it will be resolved any time soon. Moreover, there is something to be said for getting what one has already created to work properly before moving on to other projects. And there is always the danger of the concerns of Mac and even PC users getting lost in the noise of iOS issues.
  8. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    And STILL nothing, here or via email. Sweet support staff.
  9. Carry over items to DLC on Mac

    Same problem here, standalone Humble Bundle Costume Quest for Mac. I can’t carry over my save info (costumes, stamps, etc.) into a “Grubbins on Ice” game, either by choosing “Continue Game” in Grubbins or by starting a new game. Emailed Support two weeks ago. Still haven't heard anything back.