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  1. Great episode, seems like a lot of stuff has been happening. Looking forward to the full game and the new projects. Hope you keep up making videos for the Youtube channel. PS: The Psychonauts speed-runner video was so funny and interesting. I don't know how to define it, just make more of that please. Someone methodically obsessing about your game pulling it apart in front of you guys while you rib each other, very cool. Seemed like that was for distributing full builds of a newer version, not actually patching the installed game client-side. (While the type of patching people here are talking about doesn't seem to be an option)
  2. Jupp, we can only assume act two isn't only longer and harder but raunchier. Kids gotta grow up some time. (I know its spoiler censoring.)
  3. Awesome to see an update, I was really hoping to see Tim walk around using his spleen on a stick as a puppet. (as he was tweeting for him) The Middle of development "funk" that is being addressed in the start of the video (as normal) seems to be the same as Team Meat is experiencing in "Indie Game the movie". (Just a theory: The initial adrenaline and endorphins petering out, combined with the pressure of a deadline.) Question time: (Right?) - Do you get any data on how many people actually use the translations of your games?(or is this just a setting change that isn't tracked?) - What are the plans regarding the MOAI/Lua tools you are developing? I know/heard you've sent over MOAI code fixes, so I'm wondering more about the GUI stuff. ex. the 2 Headed Baby dialog program Anna was using in the second video or is that a different in house thing? - When DFA is over will you try the same thing again? (Sell a game on the genre alone and (this time) streaming or podcasting the development more freely.) Have you tried a different browser or incognito mode in a browser such as Chrome will disable most or all extension old cookies will be disregarded, you'll just have to login again.) (I get the same issue like 1/20 times but I just refresh the browser tab.)
  4. Ah I get it. (ref. voice) Ref. Art and 2D: I completely agree(or agree with my perception of your comments). I used to call Monkey Island 3 the last great point and click because everyone was being pushed into 3D when 2D resolution had finally gotten to the point where the graphics where pretty, and 3D was in its infancy. (I guess I was a hipster at 16 (in 1999) ) PS: The more I watch the different documentary videos the more famous you guys get. (currently: Amnesia Fortnight 2014) I'm starting to think this was Tim's genius idea from the start
  5. That game looks pretty cool. (I would want voice overs tho, just checked a youtube video) You said you where uncertain if MOAI would be used in the future, is that because of technical difficulties or you don't feel in the loop enough to say? (Or you don't expect more 2D games? 0_0 )
  6. I'm searching around the forum for some info on their experience with MOAI (Using Unity3D but it Severe overkill for my Mobile game.), I believe this site and the video there in has a few of the answers you're looking for. http://press2reset.com/2012/05/02/double-fine-to-use-moai-middleware-for-adventure/
  7. I remember that, I just wanted a kind of break down of their process and making animations in After Effects is a thing I didn't get. Kind of like South Park episodes are being animated in Maya(they have said its for shadow and texture effects but come on).
  8. Not sure if this is where I should ask buuuuuuut... Will there be more of a run down of DoubleFine's process what you used and why and when (First we find money, then we find an idea,then we make a game engine.. ,.. , .. ,profit ), I understand that the engine is made in-house and I can gather a lot of your process if I watch all the episodes and take notes of course but a more compact run down would be interesting unless someone feels that would be oversharing. (Or maybe I'm the only one who wants this.) edit; Something concrete I was wondering, I see you use After Effects to animate, but does this mean that the game is full of videos or is it rendered in game using some metadata you can extract from a AfterEffects project file? I've been programming a game in unity while listening to game soundtracks, heavy metal and various electronic genres for about a year but now I watch these to get in the right headspace. (.. its just a nameless casual game at the moment, sooo no competition here is what I'm trying to say.) PS: If this was the wrong place to ask I really don't know where that leaves us. Edit: Hadn't watched the episode yet when I posted (had to start and finish the game first) so Finished the game right after and watched the episode just now. Why does it have such a somber tone? Didn't the game sell really well for a Part one of two game? I think sales will go better with part 2 same reason why people binge watch seasons of TV shows now instead of the old one taste per week model. I really like the trees yelling bloody murder and the hipster lumberjack they remind me the most of the games of old. (Monkey Island 3 being my favorite of all time.) Random trees around the world could be the Murry character berating and belittling you as you travel through the world. People always talk about the point-and-click aspect and the puzzles but the humor and characters where the most important to me. Like in Day of the tentacle and Monkey Island 3 weirdos with something to prove and nothing to prove it with until they find stuff and do puzzles. /Babbling
  9. This might be why Disney was getting shitty press over trying to create a trademark on day of the dead. (I Spanish I'll butcher English not Spanish) ref. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/digging-into-disneys-day-of-the-dead-problem-82956.html At least this was what I heard through the digital-grape-vine ?TM?... and if Grim Fandango was the reason they where seeking that Trademark and they stopped seeking because of the shitty press I'm sure that has been shelved for at least a few years.
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