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  1. I don't know that Relics need drawbacks. That they're overpowered is kind of the point isn't it?
  2. It feels especially weak when it takes 2 of your 5 flasks to do to a single enemy what a hunter can do for free. The flasks are great when opportunities arise but they're too situational and too weak to be useful all the time. The best thing I've come up with for them is to free throw a flask and then do a melee. That way you get in two attacks but it only costs one flask. I think it needs to be rethought almost entirely. Increase the damage perhaps. Perhaps make a Concentrated Flask move that's shorter range but has higher power or higher power with no splash. Maybe increase the carrying capacity according to the level of the hero in question.
  3. I don't see the point of bequeathing to a specific hero. I'd like it better if any hero of the bloodline could equip it so long as no one else was/so long as it's removed from the other hero when you equip it elsewhere.
  4. I feel like it should be next turn things such that it only really makes sense for the times when you can't make an attack this turn but you might be able to next turn. Per class I'd suggest something like this. Caberjack: Next turn do a little extra damage and have extra sprint range if targeting an enemy Alchemist: Next turn have slightly longer range on the vial throw or extra melee attack. Hunter: Next turn if you miss you retry the shot once OR Attacking does not disrupt stealth next turn. Things that only activate if you attack next turn and, in most cases, things that would not be better than attacking twice.
  5. Quick turn end suggestions: -Gain increased attack next turn. -Gain increased sprint next turn. -More accuracy next turn. -Dodgier next turn, chance to counter. -Extra regular movement next turn reduced sprint -Increased sprint if you target an enemy next turn -Extra shot next turn if you shoot wide -Higher maximum flask range next turn That sort of thing. Basically an option to prepare and be extra ready for trouble when it comes. Like Overwatch but with different payoffs. Could be every class has one of those or could be linked to a bloodline.
  6. I agree on defensive options though I don't know that they really have to be defensive. My issue is there's no reason not to sprint everywhere when you don't have an enemy in range and, when you don't want to sprint for some reason (asthma for instance) your only option is to tab past the hero manually and hit the end turn when you're done. I thing a standing option that confers a passive benefit of some sort would be great.
  7. I'm a little bummed so far about the racial variety of the teams. Only played a little but I've yet to see a black hero. There were darker skin options in the editor, right? I forget.
  8. Has it been established how first names will be generated past the founders? I imagine they're currently completely random but wouldn't it be fitting to give some weight to honorary names? In real history folk always wanted to use names of legendary forebears or their siblings or parents. Seems like it would therefor make sense to have it work that that in this game and would contribute to the epic qualities of Massive Chalice. Might need middle names to distinguish one of the same first name from another perhaps. Or some sort of nickname system where the player can make a variant of the old name to distinguish one from another like how in Game of Thrones Bran is short for Brandon for the legendary founder of House Stark Brandon the Builder and for Ned's brother Brandon. What do you guys think of this? How would you have it?
  9. Let me take another random pass at those with over time modifications thrown in. (Swapper) Rending Beast/Rend to Ren Beast/Ren (Bone Shell) Rancorous Fiend/Rank to Cantankerous Fiend/Tank to Tankerous Fiend/Tank (Time Mage) Chonovore/Voroch to Novovitch/Vitch to Novitch/Witch (Fossil Claw) Unearthen Draugr/Uner to Nordraugr/Ner (Exploding) Phylo Brute/Phyl to Vylo Brute/Vyl (Growth small) Wied to Weed to Wogling (Growth Large) Wooden Ogre/Wogre to Wood Ogre/Woge That took longer than expected.
  10. I thought there was going to be a topic for this. Instead I guess I will make one? Alright then. For a start Cadences could be called Cads or Cades, perhaps not at first but over time. It would be cool if slang terms changed over the years. Next let's try going enemy per enemy. I made some images from this image, sorry if it's not the final one and I'm forgetting someone. I think these have been all the enemies in the teamstreams so I think it's right. Gorge Ape Shag Blue witch Crepid Vile Crab (Play off words since crystal works like a Alchemist's Vial grenades) Fenboy Fenbeast Some of those are terrible and not very well thought out which I think is appropriate for things that are named in the heat of combat. I dunno. There's also the notion of groups of enemies having names. Don't know where that goes but it's worth mentioning. Maybe a whole bunch of Fenboys are called a Fengrove. These are all awful. I like some of them though. Anyone have any better ideas? Anyone like my ideas?
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