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  1. I am really happy some one from the community has taken over. I was really sad to hear when the development was stopped so abruptly. d.
  2. From what I understand spacebase df9 ended up being a total financial loss and the $20 price point is to help regain whatever is possible. Honestly speaking considering the reviews that will never happen. If the project is truly dead in the water - it might be just better to drop it to a sub $10 value. Most likely $5 even with bad reviews a few people will pick it up once they hear some of the source code is available in the wild. It might be enough to spur the community to at least be able to fix many of the long standing issues and keep the ship floating. Otherwise a community will never grow - the feeble pulse that is the community, will be a flatline - and your name will be forever associated with this space debris.
  3. Well I guess the only hope is once it becomes open source - the game may live on.
  4. Hobbes is right - the business model it self was self destructive. I think the main issue is most people do not know how Indie Fund works. For sake of reference https://www.scribd.com/doc/50558028/Indie-Fund-Loan-Agreement For those who do not wish to read through the document. 100% of all revenue must be paid to Indie Fund from the game and 50% of all revenue must be paid to Indie Fund from Derivitives of the game. Until 100% of the Loan is paid back. After which there is a 1% return on every 10k made and 2% if there is late payment. Or to put it more into Context. DF received 400k initial investment [70k from indie fund. 330k from individual investors] If the terms of the initial investors were the same as Indie Fund. 2 weeks after Alpha 1. They only had 40k remaining in reserves. So 40k + sales for 12 month of development.
  5. Break down of Expenses. Before Alpha 1 ===== $400 Initial Investment from Indie Fund and various others. 6 months of Development Pass March 2013 --> October 2013 6 People development at $10,000 per month. So $60,000 per month - $360,000 total. By the time Alpha 1 released they had only $40,000 in reserves. ===== After Alpha 1 ===== 2 weeks post release they made another $400,000 So from October 2013 - October 2014 they had $440,000 for 3 people. Which is $30,000 a month for 12 months. So another $360,000 in expenses. Which leaves $80,000. ===== Since we don't know how much money was made post Alpha 1 release. They are essentially $320,000 in the red from known details.
  6. Actually my point is more of the arrogance of the blog post in general. That development time line should really never have been shown. It makes it seem as if post is about how fast they developed the game in such standards. When in reality it is they ran out of moneyI am just not a fan of Spin PR. If the post was a lot more humble in its wording simply stating. We are moving to finishing the game due funds. It would have done 2 things. 1. They could have tried to do a kickstarter for the project for a 2nd round of funds. 2. At least they went out knowing it wasn't what they panned it out to be. I respect it when people acknowledge there was an issue. Instead of spinning it. === As for the Image it self I am pretty sure it is self explanatory. It makes the claim that the source will be released in october. Even though the news post earlier states source will be released sometime after 1.0. As I said the entire post + image is utter space debris.
  7. I know the forums are dead, but just in the odd chance some one pops in, which can be deemed the vast vacuum of SB DF-9 forums. I think it should be said. The 1.0 blog post is really arrogantly presented. "Big news everyone, Spacebase DF-9 1.0 will be released next month!" It makes it sound like sort of great achievement was done, which in reality was a monumental failure. The blog post really should have been more humble considering the circumstances. After all there was almost little to no communication from developer to consumer. An finally a shut down which rocked the indie scene. The failure wasn't just on the level of the game, but on the crowd funding industry as a whole. If consumers can't trust a solid developer, it will ruin other start ups in turn. Space Base DF-9 shouldn't have been cancelled. It should instead of been placed in the back burner until it could be developed as a side project. The reason there was so little interest is simply because people were waiting a more finished build. When you expect a streaming cash supply - the game needs to be solid to hold its water. Otherwise you need to fill up the tank with a kickstarter with enough funds for 2 - 3 years, before you run on streams. P.S Considering October is right about to end will the Info graphic of the "Lua source release and 1.0" be added to the list of SB DF-9 Failures? http://i.imgur.com/Z2SgZyD.jpg
  8. There isn't much likely DF is dead, the studio it self is pretty padded when it comes to cash. It might just have been a double whammy of summer vacation + pax hitting the group at the same time. Having a stable enough build for PAX for the next version would require a bit of work. Either way only time will tell. Though I wish they would at least be a bit more active about what they are upto on their blog.
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