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    A brief history of me - Back in the late 70s / early 80s, my parents (particularly my father) suspected that this emerging concept of interactive video games might help stimulate brain development a little bit more than Sesame Street… as a result, I’ve been in love with video games since I was 2… and with programming (as legend would have it) since I was 3 when I start learning to program in CBM BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20. I have since graduated from such constrained architectures, learned a g
  1. Interesting how the funding curve seems to match the log curve... I wonder how many other crowd funding projects conform to this and if it could be used as an somewhat-accurate model for predicting the probability of success for a crowd funding venture (or at least helping the project managers decide if they should increase advertising, start celebrating early, or abandon all hope... those are all exaggerations, btw, but you get the point.)
  2. I could be mistaken, but I think that's a donation perk.
  3. We have all expressed our disappointment to some degree or another... but the release of the source code could offer up some interesting potential for mods (although I must admit that LUA is among my least favorite programming languages)... I do hope that modders can get at least some amount of support from DF in the form of canonizing some of the mods that impact the core game into future versions of the official release.
  4. Having browsed through the compiled script directory tree... it looks like ALL of the game... is in LUA... the engine portion is just the mundane things like acquiring audio and video rendering targets and figuring out how best to render to them... finding input devices... finding and managing files... all of the boring stuff that is exciting to some... but everything from the Front Menu to the Life Giving O2 are all implemented in LUA.
  5. Some of my insights here might be completely off target here, but these are some things that I believe can help for the planning of future projects - (and some of them might be on target... but not really helpful at all) 1) Sales are directly effected by user reviews... and user reviews, in this case, were directly effected by frustration... the feeling that the game player is left with when they stop playing was ultimately frustration... if they weren't frustrated enough yet, they continued playing until they were... just like the end of a story, the feeling you walk away with at the end will be broad-painted across your entire experience... the take-away from this is that the user's experience should be closely examined before initial early-access release in hopes to avoid the flood of bad reviews that can kill sales... find a way to make frustration feel less frustrating... I had at one point suggested the nuke button from Lemmings, but that suggestion came quite a bit too late. 2) Early Access can have a negative effect on development... not all constructs work well in an incremental builds model, and in many cases, attempting to develop a project in incremental builds will result in design changes that do not fit the existing code... 3) I thought I had more to say here... but it's almost 2am here... and my girlfriend is telling me it's time for bed
  6. Personally, I think this game lends itself _very_ well to modding... (whether the unwashed source code does or not is another question yet to be answered... but) I imagine that a strong modding community could potentially make this game into more than any of us might have dreamed of... time will tell.
  7. Shadow, when's the last time you started a new base... data cubes seem to have died again for a bit as of the alhpa 6 update... this isn't the first time that our precious data cubes have been taken away from us... I'm sure they'll start working again before too long.
  8. One of the derelict models doesn't attach properly... the "airplane" model, when it attaches from south-east edge, the umbilical doesn't form a usable path (and, it in fact forms an O2 leak that you would be best to seal off)... and as a result, there is no way to enter the ship unless you 1) construct another umbilical and a door. or 2) construct an airlock... this is tricky because if the airlock pressurizes before you have constructed the spacesuit locker, then you will not be able to enter the airlock to construct the locker... it is best to leave one wall tile out until after you have constructed everything else... another problem with this (if the ship contains hostiles) is that your security will attempt to use the inside of the airlock as a rally point to meet up before entering... but no other security members can enter the airlock... so effectively, the members who are there waiting are waiting to be killed by the hostiles (and they won't even fight back because they are in "waiting" mode.. which is much more important than self-defense)... the solution to that is to unclaim the airlock after it is constructed but before you place your beacon... and then the security team will rally up outside of the airlock... or... you could just use the much simpler idea in #1.
  9. yeah... that's why I called it a long-term goal... but in a way, it would actually help with the anger and tantrum system... if instead of "everything" causing wear and tear on everybody's psyche (resulting in everybody throwing tantrums)... if instead, there were specific sources of strife that invoked specific "revenge" targets... then instead of having seemingly random tantrums all the time (which should still stay... just not as frequent)... you would have to deal with specific cases of interpersonal strife. The location preference idea started as more of a cosmetic idea... and thus, a "nice to have"... but making the anger system more "personal" might, as a long-term goal, might make a good game mechanic... perhaps it should be coupled with Sf log entries that help identify "problem individuals"... and perhaps "problem individuals" aren't necessarily the ones getting upset... but maybe they could even work in some way that certain personality traits (maybe hidden ones) encourage them to frustrate others. Also, the reference to Needful Things is a suggestion onto itself regarding how bad interpersonal issues could get if left unresolved and escalating... and it does seem that the decision makers really like "evil"... lol
  10. A few more thought (and taking them in a much more evil direction) - All of the above (and more) could be implemented as citizens developing a "desired shelf location" 1) In competition with desiring a shelf in their residence, perhaps citizens could also desire to have stuff on a shelf in their favorite room... 2) being unable to claim a shelf in a citizen's desired location could result in coveting another citizens shelf space... possible actions could include developing a dislike for the citizen with the coveted shelf location... or forcibly removing a disliked citizen's stuff from a coveted shelf... evicted stuff could either be dropped on the floor, stolen, or even discarded into the refinery (depending on how evil the evicting citizen wants to be) 3) citizens who have had their stuff evicted should develop a desire for "revenge" possible long-term idea - Alpha 7 or 10 - Needful Things, and Revenge Is Personal
  11. 1) if a citizen is assigned to a residence and that citizen has stuff on a shelf that is not in their residence, they should make some effort to find shelving in their own residence... and move their "stuff" to their new room. 2) whenever a residence becomes fully assigned, citizens that have claimed shelves in that residence but are not assigned to that residence should make some effort relocate their stuff. (this could cause some unhappiness for the person being evicted) 3) citizens should avoid claiming shelves that are in a residence that they are not assigned to... and especially so if either a) the residence is fully assigned to other citizens, or b) the citizen that is attempting to claim a shelf is assigned to a different residence... in short, they should show preference to shelves in their assigned residence (perhaps a failed attempt to claim a shelf in a citizen's assigned residence could result in some amount of unhappiness... just as long as that unhappiness isn't applied 30 times per second... lol) shelves located in places other than residence rooms do not really apply (except that citizens should try to unclaim non-residence shelves in favor of shelves in their assigned residence), but perhaps a citizen having his/her/their stuff in their assigned residence makes could have a positive effect on that citizen's happiness.
  12. I hadn't noticed that you can pacify and imprison "raiders and parasites and killbots, oh my"... that's pretty awesome... something I would like to see with group-brigs is fighting among the inmates... if you put an untamed parasite in with the general population... you should probably expect somebody to die... likewise, if you arrest two individuals for fighting... and then put them in the same cell together... you should expect the fighting to continue once the guards are out of site.
  13. We do have a very diverse assortment of lifeforms populating our space stations including lizards and frogs and even space chickens... but why not the obvious muppets reference - PIGS... IN... SPAAAAACCCEE ;P www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTGDpUg3CHY
  14. Why not Friday?... Why not Zoidberg?... seriously... I work all week and I don't get to play with it until the weekend ... but... I guess releasing an update on Friday could potentially ruin the weekend for the dev team... I mean, it never fails that your most devastating bug is always detected about 18 to 20 hours after initial public release.
  15. There's possibly something else implied in this... D.A.N. mentioned the possible "message" that might be sent by confining Grelnash to his quarters... but DAN has no legs, so what could he possibly know about the upcoming Alpha? ;P
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