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  1. The game is still not out on PS4 in Europe, it's almost 2 months since the game launched on PC, this is absolutly ridiculous. Double Fine could you at least give us an update on the situation?
  2. What about the pre order costumes for the steam version, will they be available for consoles? I really want the pumpkin costume.
  3. I got the impression that it was almost exactly every other time, but I might remember that wrong.
  4. One more idea. It would be cool if you got harassed by some bullies during the course of the game that want to steal your candy and costumes. They would have really aweful costumes themselves, really simply made like stocking masks, sheets, plastic bags, cartboard boxes and such. Even their imaginary version (battle mode version) of their costumes are really lame. You would face off against them like the monsters, but they would fight a little different from the monsters. Then maybe once or twice you would face off against a boss bully who has a great costume and if you beat him/her you win their costume.
  5. I'd really like for them to change the percentage of times a monster appears when you trick or treat. In the first game there was a monster when the door opened, for what felt like 80-90% percent of the time. I'd like it to be only about 20-25 % of the time a monster would appear, but then maybe make those monsters a little harder, that way your always a little scared of running in to a monster, but it's more exciting if it only happens once in a while and not constantly like in the first game. I'd really like voice acting to be added to the game. More stuff to explore around the world, more secret items and costumes and more games and events like bobbing for apples. New areas like, a graveyard, a pumpkin patch, a haunted house, a creepy forrest, a big indoor halloween party. New costumes like: werewolf, mummy, frankenstein's monster, witch, skelleton, grim reaper, ghost, octopus/kraken, zombie, jason type costume (friday the 13th) and bring back the pumpkin costume.
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