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  1. Could you add multiple user profiles with different save games, please?
  2. Maybe that's because they are working on the game... Just a guess though. Not even including the developers, this forum is dead. Players aren't posting and there's zero traffic here. I get the feeling everyone has given up hope and moved on to something else. Kinda sad considering the potential that was here for a good game and good community. Maybe everyone else is over it? Just a thought. Go on Steam... I don't know where you pull this shit from
  3. Maybe that's because they are working on the game... Just a guess though. Not really a good guess
  4. This forum is dead, because the developers left it. The only answers you will get here will probably be from the moderators. Maybe there will be more activity when the 1.0 version will be released.
  5. Tom probably. Tim might have other things going on right now. Whoops!
  6. Will Tom Schaefer answer some more questions on the threads on this forum or is the thread dead?
  7. Very interesting for me, thank you! Now I just need to know about how to make graphical artworks with a certain quality from the devs
  8. Don't start this. I think everyone knows there were far more mistakes being made. I just point out at the "announcement of version 1.0" and money managing. I hope we can agree on that, so that we don't have to read another 5 posts just about what you said wrong there.
  9. You should look into the other part of of this forum (not the general discussion), the technical issue and bugfixing part. DF Matt said they are just right now looking into this issue. I don't expect this company to achieve anything of what they are talking about anymore, but it is POSSIBLE that this MAYBE gets fixed. Just saying The thread about the LINUX-performance is probably the top one (under the sticky threads)
  10. Of course not, I apologise. Capital letters in certain places are still a common grammar rule in most countries though and not using them is laziness which I can think about negatively. I don't know exactly what you're referring to, but Swedish don't use capital letters in many places where English does, so everytime I write in English I have to pay extra attention. Examples: http://blogs.transparent.com/swedish/use-of-capital-letters/ If you're talking about very basic grammar as capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, then I'm all with you. That's common sense in most of the western world (and maybe other places too, but not knowable enough in russian, arabic or asian languages to know). I was refering to the beginning of the sentences... mostly... because if you look at the beginning of his post, you can see he uses the capital letters there for that, but he seems to get too lazy to use them any further in the middle of the post. I also know that Swedish might have a different language build... or other languages... That's why I said "most" common languages (...in Europe that have their roots within the Roman language). Sweden could be an example of the opposite rule management, but it also was never really reached by the Roman culture and language development, since Germania was in the way of the Romans ;D
  11. So since Tim Schaefer seems to have stopped answering questions in the "Tim Schaefer answers questions"-thread I wanted to ask the developers for something. I don't wanna ask about refunds, game keys or anything of that in this thread. You have mentioned that you will release the "full LOA- or LUA-code" and that you will create a tutorial to get easier into the game. So... as a non-programmer and noob/newbie, I wanted to ask you, what the LUA-code actually is, which parts of the game it can change or can't change, how you use or work with the LUA-modding-code (programs or editors? Costs for those?) and most important: Can you please make a few videos of how we can create modifications for the game with the LUA-code? I would be also very happy to see how your artists creates the visual components (for example: "This is how I make a visual layer for how the spacesuit looks like"). I think DF Burger is probably making those...? ^^ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know that the discussion about refunds or game keys or your anger is not over yet, fellow forum users, but please write in the threads where they belong, so that we can talk about the possibilites, opportunities and traits of the LUA/LOA-code here. If you are helping me to keep this thread clear of these off-topic posts: Thank you!
  12. Of course not, I apologise. Capital letters in certain places are still a common grammar rule in most countries though and not using them is laziness which I can think about negatively.
  13. Sure thing, no problem. I don't think it is creepy since it is just a simple joke and not even a little bit serious, but it is everyone's choice to make an opinion about it and I accept critic to improve my English or writing skill, since not everyone can probably comprehend my humor (yet). Besides this, it is actually pretty funny to see you defending a woman who you "criticized" primarily on your first statement on your first post on this thread. And since this post was also "changed by DF Justin", you got a temporary ban and it is optically visible for everybody that parts have undergone a verbal change, I assume that you might have acted more unfriendly or creepy than me and also made fast assumptions about moderators deleting posts... who don't even have the server rights to do that... ...you think that is funny? Me too. To sum this up... there is a German saying which is: "Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen" (= "Someone who is sitting in a house build out of glass shouldn't throw with rocks"). I think you maybe get the point. Cheeseness is actually communicating a lot and also behind the scenes and even if he makes assumptions very fast, I don't think he is not acting friendly or totally unreasonable. If you just wanted to create a thread for forum users to discuss moderators... you probably should have pointed that out, because if you make a thread about a certain kind of people that criticizes them (positive or negative) then you should be able to understand that they might show interest in it... ^^ Saying this afterwards seems more like you are just searching for a juristification to act angry about their posts. Feel free to correct me of course. And if Justin really called you a dick [del](avoiding to add a little word with 5 letters to this )[/del]... [del]I am agreeing with him[/del] some people could possibly agree with him under certain circumstances, because your grammar is grievous bodily harm (sarcastic exaggeration)... and that is coming from a foreigner... :-/
  14. Hmmmm... interesting... maybe I can help you mo.... *Girlfriend looks evil* ... ehhhh... help you to motivate yourself to write more good forum posts!!! (Dat save)
  15. I didn't think about that, but you are right: I would not have bought DF9 if I wouldn't had watched AF 2012, and I only watched that because I backed BA and got to know DF... Also, having the new engine as well as the IP might prove to be valuable investments for the future going forward. Having said and discussed all that, the whole situation about DF9 sucks even more for me now; not only because I don't get the game I'd hoped for, but also because DF's reputation seems to really get a bad hit over this. I really hope DF finds a way to gain back he lost trust of some of its customers... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME KEEEEEEEYS FOR EVERYONE!!!! = solved I am repeating this for so long until it happens... sometimes you have to be simple-minded...
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