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  1. Big fan of Rayman (ever since the first one on DOS in the '90s) and I'm glad he returned to the franchise with Rayman Origins, one of the best platformers ever made. His absence was noticed (*cof* Rayman 3 *cof*).
  2. Also never heard of him until yesterday. Not sure why someone would think it's rude to say so. Is this what it has come to? But do you work for a popular YouTube channel? No. 8-/ Then why do you feel you should get a role over James? What the...?! Ignore it, Cooper.
  3. Have you tried Torchlight? Maybe not your cup of tea since you prefer the setting of Diablo over its gameplay.
  4. They were set to do a small, simple game for $400,000. They got more than 8x that amount. What exactly were they supposed to do with that money? Do the small $400,000 game and spend $3 million in enhancements? Come on... With the amount they got, they had the opportunity to do a much better game than they set out to do. They took that opportunity, fortunately.
  5. But wasn't it good that we got a better game than what was promised?
  6. - At the end of the game, leave the world open for exploration. - Ability to disable the HUD (would be nice for the first game as well)
  7. Since the PC version is already made, and since the Xbox One and PS4 have similar architecture to a PC, the work needed to port can be 'easily' accomplished. A good one. Still, there's no problem with that. But isn't the 360/PS3 version dependent of EA? With a dedicated version for the new consoles, they don't have to deal with them and all profits go to DF. Not to mention, it takes advantage of the new hardware.
  8. Wouldn't it be easier (and better) to make a native port directly from the improved PC version?
  9. You could get them at Ford Cruller's camp store, but I believe they are out of stock.
  10. Oh, with a crime like this on your record, it looks like someone is getting the Excelsior line at the Land of the Dead when the time comes.
  11. Unfortunately none of those stuck with Steam are available DRM-free. @ Double Fine: Whenever you want me to buy Hack 'n' Slash, Iron Brigade and Spacebase DF-9, please let me know. I'm also interested in The Cave, but I know that's not up to you alone.
  12. Or, considering the architecture, just take the improved PC version and port it.
  13. Sorry, saw his comment and replied right away without reading the rest of the thread. The correct reply would be: ninja'd.
  14. After Broken Age it's Hack 'n' Slash and after Grim it's Massive Chalice.
  15. Sure. High quality textures and cutscenes, improved lighting, full widescreen support, etc, are things we could get with a remaster. If you're thinking of remake, then no. It doesn't need one and nobody is asking for it.
  16. So, what is this? Is it happening? Is it just an even party? What have you been doing? Why does that hydrant keep looking at me? Did I just think that, or did someone make me think it? How long do they think they can hide that? Can I really be the only person who sees this?! The pelicans...
  17. Steamworks is DRM by default. Sure, it has other functions as well. Nobody is arguing that. Nobody is arguing the varying amounts of 'badness'. Only that it's bad.
  18. I did not buy Iron Brigade. And still won't if it's tied to Steam. But at least we can agree that it's bad no matter what.
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