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  1. Since Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 titles will work on the Xbox One by emulation, I was wondering if Psychonauts will run on the Xbone? Hmmm... psychonauts was an original game on the Xbox, running on emulation on the 360 and now possibly running on emulation on the Xbone. Maybe that's just too much for the console to handle.
  2. The Xbox 360 version is now available. Yeah! I guess that this year I will actually be getting a treat instead of a trick.
  3. Were the candy bags advertised as being filled with candy? There was a picture on the store front of the bag with candy spilling out of it. I didn't really expect double fine to send me a bag filling with candy along with the book. I was just hoping...
  4. Since there doesn't seem to be a CQ2 release today, I'm guessing that this years Trick or Treaters who have either an Xbox 360 or Xbox One will be getting a trick and not a treat. I did purchase the Invasion of the Candy Snatchers book and my candy bag was empty when it arrived. Klem and I seem to be stuck without a vortex to the candy world. This is going to be a bad year for collecting candy on Halloween.
  5. And I love the free candy in the tote bag! How many pounds of candy does the purchase include?
  6. There has been a lot of emphasis on Double Fine creating sequels. I envision a staff meeting where a new game is considered... such as in the following scenario: Tim Schafer: “I need a new idea for a video game. Something unique and fun to play. Any ideas?” Lackey #1: “How about a game where I can shoot but don't kill anyone?” Lackey #2: “Exploding tanks!” Lackey #3: “I want a game with dancing.” Lackey #47: “Two words; Radioactive wasteland.” Lackey #13: “A game with a lot of meat in it.” Lackey #3: “Do you mean something with a hardcore edge to the game?” Lackey #13: “No... I mean something with chicken and pork.” Lackey #47: “Four words; Giant Killer Airplane Pilots.” Lackey #48: “I'm too lazy. How about a game with food delivery services?” Lackey #13: “Bacon!” Lackey #60: “Put in cute turtles that turn mean.” Lackey #8: “I want to be a secret agent.” Lackey #9: “I want to play as Napoleon.” Lackey #666: “We need a game with a wild a crazy mean girl in it.” Lackey #4274 “I want to act. I want a game where the whole world is my stage.” Lackey #73: “What about an underwater adventure where I can kill some mutant fish?” Lackey #72: “Nah... I just want a game where I can sit and fish.” Lackey #38: “Combat Training” Lackey #666: “A game where the main character is an evil dentist.” Lackey #14: “I want a haunted game with a haunted grave site.” Lackey #40: “Let's have exploding cookies in it.” Lackey #13 : “Must have brains.” Lackey #0-e2Y: “How about a game with an unlikely hero... Janitors to the rescue.” Tim Schafer: “I’ve got it! I know how we can put it all together into the best game around and we’re going to call it h-o-n p-u-s-s-y-c-a-t-s.” Think about it. And I don't mean to be offensive with the name hon-<$%#>.
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