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  1. I totally forgot about the refund option. Last time I looked into that (years ago), it was a real pain. Now took me only three minutes. And even though the Steam version costs more (poor me…), I'll buy it there. I just think it's a pity that I have to resolve the problem this way…
  2. So it's known for a year now that the Appstore version is still lacking gamepad support and what has been patched? Freaking GameCenter and achievements? I mean the Steam version supports gamepads, why not the MAS version? (And if this should be b/c of Appstore sandbox restriction, at least tell us, so we (or at least me) can stop solely blaming you for this. (What I have seen so far from the game makes me really want to play it, but come on, jump'n'run with keyboard and/or mouse?) I'm really looking forward to play this game! best regards. PS: sorry for sounding like a dick, but you could at least say there are troubles with gamepad support on the store page. I kinda feel tricked… //edit: and btw: I tried the whole "copy gamepad bindings from steam config into the .app package". doesn't work either…
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