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  1. Simply not going to happen, sorry
  2. That's not pure flac / cd quality. Those files are extracted from the game (22 kHz... Yuck) and then exported as 16 bit 44.1 kHz flac files. It might be even worse than the original wav files
  3. Well, yeah actually, all the stuff/bugs "greenlit" on the support page
  4. Heh, I don't blame them, from a commercial point of view it makes no sense to sell a soundtrack which is basically a collection of MIDI s put through a Roland Canvas in 2016... At least people can use the extractor on their own copy of the game
  5. That's not how it works, they must have forgotten to include it, or it just didn't fit well with real instruments. But it's not a coding thing, since that engine is well capable of handling crossfades and multitrack audio playback, and the choir track is just that, an audio track
  6. Exactly, also, I can't stress it enough, but every Digital Audio Workstation comes with some great high quality stock virtual instruments, so there's no need to use a Roland Canvas in 2016, really.
  7. This The soundtrack in this game is one of the key points. This game is almost built on electric ambient guitars, and hard rock/heavy metal tracks Just... Hire a guitar/bass player, please
  8. This guy is what I was talking about, seriously, please consider involving people like him. The more detailed is the "old master tape" the less stylistic freedom you have while remastering/remaking that tape MI1 and MI2 were pure pixel art, not that much detailed, so they had some degree of stylistic freedom when it came to remake the art DOTT was less of a challenge on that regard, since it was well defined, hi-res and detailed pixel-art. Full throttle does even more: it removes the verb bar, so the art style is even more defined. So this gives little to no room for spoofs like "golo flakes" IMHO, the best thing you could do is literally doing the same job of the guy who made that fan art, and that would be perfection Because honestly, you CAN make look the game that beautiful, maybe even better (I'm sure that your art department consists of some quality workers, they can do better than a fan art!)
  9. Remastered (let's say nicer than a Roland Canvas) soundtrack - since you'll be dealing with Digital iMUSE and not MIDI (even though DOTT seems to use mp3) - and high quality Gone Jackals music! And it'd be nice to involve people like this guy http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10810/ and other people with a big attention to detail, better if nitpicky, to avoid stuff like "GOLO Flakes"
  10. I wish I knew the reason for this, believe me As a musican\coder, I thought they used FMOD sequencing midi files with some instrument samples and real-time effects (like reverb and delay, for instance), hence the "cheap" (not so cheap, actually, but still cheesy) Roland Canvas samples; that's something you can actually do and it's not that heavy performance-wise (like every single console game from SNES to N64 showed). What might be a little heavier is what they're actually doing, which is decoding an mp3 file on the fly and when an iMUSE cue triggers... decoding another mp3 file on the fly, which might be the reason of "music looping out of sync". Still, while it made sense to use Roland Canvas with midi files, it doesn't make sense (to me) that they didn't polish the instruments sound and maybe choose something better (any stock VSTi on any DAW does the job IMHO, and you don't have to pay license for using those) when they knew they had to render those to mp3 files.
  11. You're absolutely right, I didn't provide any proof before, I'm sorry, so here you are! Double Fine Explorer 1.3.4 EDIT: also, funny thing, while checking out some *.info files (where localization text is found) I found some Monkey Island 2 SE lines (even including some commentary), like: makes me think they're using the same MI2:SE SCUMM based engine, which is nice
  12. I thought you guys used FMOD in DOTT just because it was easy to put some patches in a midi and make it run seamlessly on the same iMuse engine. But I recently discovered that, actually, you are using mp3 format for every single audio piece. So why weren't some nice VSTi an option during the remaster of the soundtrack, instead of a simple Roland Canvas patch?
  13. Oh yeah, sorry, now I see what you mean! I agree with most of your points, even though I can't think as MI2:SE as a complete failure, while, IMHO, MI1:SE is kinda bad. I have to say though... Even though in DOTT they are using a FMOD music engine which is kinda confortable when using multiple soundfonts on the same midi file, this makes looping music wrong, out of time, and also the transitions are out of time. But I guess this is tied to the engine they're using.
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