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  1. I'm not gonna act like I'm not sad at Telltale's closure. Frankly I was a fan the whole time, even if I didn't really get the chance to play most of their games anymore. I've tried migrating here a couple of times like the rest of you, but honestly something just didn't feel right. I dunno, might have been how much my anxiety was ramping up at the time. Doesn't really matter anymore. I miss the old community.
  2. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Finally got it. 14 year old me is now 21 and can't be happy about getting this game that didn't even work on Macintosh computers, which I still used until I was 17 14 year old me wouldn't be surprised I'm using a PC now.
  3. It messes with me that almost every game that I've put on this computer for Windows 98 has worked in windows 10 without compatibility mode (One freezes at the title screen even with it, and one just needs it to have colours display correctly) but neither game I've tried for Windows XP (no longer supported in any way, of course) has worked correctly even with compatibility mode
  4. I finally got The Movies working in Windows 10 properly, I have no idea how. I actually opened it to record the problem I was having and it never happened.
  5. Writing's on the wall seems to be very love it or tolerate it. I personally think it's amazing.
  6. Don't know about the lives, but they added a life system instead of the one hit thing. I hate one hits.
  7. Finally bought Fallout New Vegas. It became worth the money not very long in when the radio played "It's a sin to tell a lie", a song I've loved since I was 12.
  8. I wish people like that would realize that nothing like that does any good for anyone involved. Especially not the animal. Dogs more so than others.
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