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  1. For the system to work right and for things to be as customize-able as they are, we need to let the walls be built even if we add a door, this way when we remove a door, we don't create a vacuum to space. if the wall wasn't built first and you remove the door and get a free wall, it'd be an exploit. That being said the ability to queue doors, and items in a room would be cool, and hopefully they get to it when they move to beta, we can only hope =)
  2. So reading some replies to my other posts got me thinking about some other very cool game mechanics that aren't fully explained, and partially what makes this game fun. People are always chatting and making friends which is good, but at the same time, they are also making enemies, and I'm guessing this is having a negative effect. Is there a way to somewhat control this or make it less likely? Only way I can think of is make sure they don't work together, but people still meet and talk all over, in halls, in the gym, in the pub etc. This is actually kind of 2 topics in one but they go hand in hand. So next question I see people complaining they work too much and don't have enough fun, even if I have a pub, and a gym, lots of plants etc. Some may complain about too tired to think but there's open beds. Does this just simply mean I need more workers doing what they do, why won't they just sleep, and work normal shifts and stop complaining =P? On the flip side, some people seem to get angry that other people are doing their jobs, or that there's nothing for them to do, especially security, but there isn't always going to be a threat, or someone losing their cool. Am I sappose to un-assign and re-assign them their job position as needed, this seems silly. Maybe just security itself needs a re-work, since if all is well, they should be happy that due to having security, there's less problems they are so pessimistic =O. Anyways just a few things to think about, comments always welcome.
  3. This sounds like it was likely the problem, since my bar was huge with only 2 bars, but I did have 5 bartenders, not sure if multiple workers can share the same bar at the same time, or if they are smart enough to utilize both. I've seen them eat raw veggies, but once they hit the fridge I think they are for the bar/stove only too =/ Hopefully this will be fixed to keep the queues moving in the future, but I'm sure it's a really low priority at the moment if it's even worth changing, rather see the pub get fixed. Still curious if people that hate replicator food will still use it, even if a garden and/or pub is available.
  4. Cool idea for a fix for this since I ran into the same issue until I learned the spots that it seems to go when you actually click the ship instead of underneath it, is just change the icon you get to maybe show a ship or something on it, when the actual ship is selected. I think even new players would quickly notice and learn this method, because I'm pretty sure we all click the ship in about 4 or 5 places hoping we got the current icon in the right spot to enter it, and then actually watch our security guys walk through the door, usually to their doom =)
  5. Ya off subject my activation email never came through for the forums 2 weeks ago so I had a buncha ideas building up I shotgunned over when it was activated. I did a search on a couple of them but maybe I was using the wrong keywords because I wasn't finding answers or other posts. Thanks a bunch for that one with the <> keys to toggle between workers, that's going to be super handy. That post didn't answer this question though. The first one was there's no back button if you accidently select new game vs resume game. I understand you can force a game load but that's still confusing and needs a fix =), as far as the saves go, we can only save 1 game at a time even with CTRL-S and CTRL-L to load. We need multiple save slots so we can revert back to different times, or better yet, maybe we want to try a few different base layouts, but keep one or two of our old ones. I'll test the CTRL-S when I get home, maybe I'm mistaken and it does give multiple slots, at work can't test right at the moment, even so really really could use these guys in the ESC menu UI, and it should be super easy to add.
  6. Ya I just threw that in as a basic example, I was thinking it would be cool since we don't have any control over who we get at all, it always seems random, this would level the playing field a bit, and give us a way to manage more what we need, with the extra work it takes to build the room and desks, and learning center or w/e. It would also be a cool way to handle peoples anger, which was prolly the bigger point of this from my perspective. It adds a lot more cool content to the game, that improves our options and playability, and since we have people with various attitudes, it can have a bunch of uses. There's room for other additions too of course while the game gets developed which is what these suggestions are all about shaping the game and making it better. Could add more items to other rooms, a psych ward for the medical center to deal with anger, and/or depression etc, maybe it could be treated. Anyways I know there's tons of stuff that needs fixing before all this, but I think there are some cool ideas here to consider with lots of possibilities =)
  7. Never bothered with external, I generally have a hard enough time getting 10 of them setup internally with all the other stuff I need before my staff starts beating each other silly.
  8. I'd like to test that but sometimes it's tough deciding should I build 10 plants, or possibly make a pub. Are they more angry the food sucks, or that plant life isn't taking over the base. I'd really like a dev to comment on this a bit because the need to build that many plants, if it is a need, seems like it's not intended, not to mention the cost of building all that stuff takes away from well.... building the base and other important stuff. Totally cool we need certain things to make them happy, I actaully think the shelving and collectables are really really really cool, but what's enough? Is it global? Does room size matter at all? Does it matter just because you can fit more plants, or does it matter because people like bigger rooms? So many possibilities, and even worse, those possibilities could change patch to patch =O
  9. I got that, and I probably got the pub bug and figured I did something wrong, so I guess what I'm asking in the meantime is this. 1: If I have a garden and a replicator, will people prioritize the garden, and stop complaining about the replicator food. 2: if the pubs bugged and I build a fridge without a stove, will people just take stuff from the fridge instead of placing orders and getting the bug, or should I just ditch the fridge and stove, and keep the garden for food, until it's fixed?
  10. So back to the old Theme Hospital days, so fun, the training room was really really cool and would work well in this game, it could even be expanded on a little bit. So the basic training room was used to train people in certain skills, and help them specialize in others (basically an added or needed bonus to run certain rooms, for example, a 5 star scientist is great, but a 5 star scientist with a chemistry spec, does things faster and makes less mistakes then a regular 5 star) this is going a bit beyond the scope of what I'm trying to get across, but would be a possible cool feature much later. Anyways how I'd implement them for now would be just a basic training thing, you get someone who's a 5 star miner, to teach others how to mine, so even though the game gives you random people, you can mold them more into what you want them to do. For instance, maybe they naturally get happier doing that job, once they are taught it in a training room, so you can take someone who mildly like something, and over time, maybe make them really like it. Possibly even further add features where people that like the same jobs, work well together, and are more apt to have better relationships. I see people a lot that both love their jobs, but don't like each other, and it causes anger issues, it's cool things are in depth, but sometimes I feel like I'm baby sitting people more then building a functional base =). This could be an offset idea for fixing that toward mid/end game. I'm sure there tons of other things you can do with this idea, and tweaks on the things I've mentioned, this is basically just a suggestion starter and basic ideas to get things rolling.
  11. Had some time to think about what'd be useful on the roster a bit more, and I think for an overall people view of the roster we need a seperate one. The current one for assigning jobs specifically works great, here's some quick ideas for a new overall one. What they are doing (incapacitated, pacified, working, idle, heading to x location, fighting, working out, eating, etc etc etc) What kind of physical condition are they in (healthy, mildly hurt, badly hurt) What kind of mood are they in (happy, sad, angry, freaking out) Type of job they are assigned, how happy they are with that job (Miner-Happy, or Builder-Unhappy) basically build roster at a glance here. Maybe even some other info like basic needs/guidance on how to keep them happy like, We want more shelves I don't like my job The food here sucks I'd like a gym I can never get any sleep etc etc etc Basically take everything already in the game, but at a glance instead of trying to find and click on 60 people seperately, there's just toooooo much micro managing like that especially with how in depth each persons attitude is with their surroundings, and the surrounding people. Also the complete lack of control of who you get makes things tough.
  12. So far the only way I've found to remove someone from a pacified state, is to send them to the brig. Can we add an option to just assign them back to society right away without jailing them? Also off subject a little and it's been asked before, we really do need a main roster giving us the status of people, to find people in this state before they starve, or our base falls apart.
  13. Before I get beat up for this one, I know its not super important, but I do it quite often and it's really really annoying. Like most games when you start it and get all the splash screens you click your mouse to get to the game faster, as you've seen it like 100 times by now, it's habit, I'm trying to stop. Anyways at least ... 25+ times now I've accidently clicked new game instead of resume. Maybe I'm blind, but I haven't been able to find a key to go back, I gotta ctrl-alt-del close the game, and reload it to resume my old game, after doing this as many times as I have I figured it'd be a nice feature to get back to the main menu anytime we want. I'm pretty sure save/load features have been asked for in the past, there's actually a way to manually do this which is tedious, and I'm guessing the devs want to keep the game random and difficult and that's why this doesn't exist. That being said some of us would like to play it a bit safe when testing things, especially with a game in alpha that has bugs and unforseen issues that can cripple 10 hours of work in 5 minutes. Give us a few save slots. For the players that want the challange and enjoy rebuilding from scratch 100x just give them a hardcore option later on, that does the typical save on exit only. To be honest even with save/load I'll prolly still do hardcore, but I'd really like a save/load feature while I'm learning the game, and testing some things out, without needing to force the game close to make a save backup manually and reload it, or exiting and reloading to force a save at a specific time to manually backup.
  14. Pretty sweet idea, also if we select someone would be nice to have a left and right to scroll through the to other people, I find myself too many times clicking like 3 or 4 extra times to get back to the job roster to then click on the person to find location, and repeat. The combination of a roster with more info, and the ability to scroll through people faster would be a fantastic addition =)
  15. I found turrets to be very cool, and yet very annoying in some situations. They definately help a whole bunch with base security, my first real turret test was a hallway around the whole base 3x3, with like 3 - 4 turrets per hall, and more on the corners. this was working pretty well until 3 raiders came, and once haeled butt down a hallway. Since when you tell security to deal with a threat local citizens try to help, about 60% of my base lined up chasing the raider, and my turret pretty much killed about 20 people.... As much as it's cool to try to design in such a way turrets will do their job better and not hurt our own guys, it just seems pretty impractical. It's almost like they can do more harm then good sometime, and upgrades should generally always do good, or do it much more then harm =). I'm a bit torn with good solutions for this, but here goes. 1: Make it do dramatically less damage to friendlies 2: everyone on the ship automatically has a handheld they carry around, and turrets won't shoot at people with these handhelds (an easy way out to make turrets only hit raiders) the cool part of this solution is, you can make turrets not shoot through citizens at all, still making placement matter to a point, because and improper layout means turrets won't shoot at all because friendlies are always in the way. 3: Add tech for turret accuracy, doing the same as above but always hitting raiders automatically, without the shoot animation. (although I seem to go to tech for a lot of solutions, tech seems to take an extremely long time to learn, I haven't played since the scientist bug was fixed so maybe it's better now, but before I was lucky in a 6 hour game if I got a single item teched. If this is still the case, then teching stuff is a bad solution)
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