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  1. Some logic issues: decay rate of fire extinguisher and master alarm is very high. It is logical for some key with red light to simply be good for a long time (like in real life)...
  2. Maybe a bug: 1) A little scratched guy with unknown desease going to Reviva-bed. 2) Doctor attends to patient in Reviva-bed. 3) Doctor stays near bed indefinitely, trying to cure that patient, whom he cannot cure without research. There is a way to manually eject patient from bed, but first we need to spot this situation in time... P.S. Old bug with closed air lock door disassembly still in place - it's column of lights remains in space if door vaporized forcefully (with the wall). Same with turret dismantle - if wall dismantled before turret - it cannot be teared down and will remain in empty space. P.P.S. Residence ownership becomes a little messed up then you quit game and later loading your progress to continue playing.
  3. Encountered a bug. One crew member was rampaging. I created a squad of 2 security and used Subdue\Capture command on rampaging person. They started firing at him. Now i have this situation: He is lying on the floor with - Incapacitated, Rampaging!, Incapacitated. Security is standing near and firing at him - Shooting at Enemy. No command (cuff, reassing this room to brig\sickbay, e.t.c.) seems to work for me. If i reassing security to another job - any security who is still on duty and pass through room with lying man - will start to fire at him... Doctors just ignore this "patient". I dunno what to do... P.S. I can provide game save.
  4. X-shape hallways with a lot of doors is a bad idea, because single hull breach will blocade all dependent rooms. Additional bulkheads is always a good solution and they will not reduce speed of your crew anyway significant.
  5. Addition: it will be good if we can manually on and off this option ingame at any moment.
  6. Theme Hospital... brings pleasant memories! Training rooms was sometimes necessary, but often it was cheaper and faster to recruit more good doctors\professors in the beginning of each month, than to teach somebody for many months. Most annoying was that while they learning they DO NOT WORKING! For now crew build their specializations very fast on the job. But an idea about more faster skill buildup if they work with veterans (aka 4-5 stars) is worth closer inspection!
  7. I'm not sure it is possible to eat raw food without full cycle. Ingame tooltips suggesting it is impossible after all. (After building garden and assigning botanist - tooltips asks for pub and so on...)
  8. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10349/
  9. You writed many topics, but (no offence) - almost half of them was already cleared on the forum in some way, like this - see here http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10349/ ==
  10. First need to mention about current bartender bug (described in other thread) - he suddenly stop to serving drinks, so we have infinite line of crew and everybody stuck in pub. As for food cycle: 1) It must grow in garden (with botanist care). 2) Botanist harvest full sized crops and put them in fridge. 3) Bartender get order from person, then take raw material from fridge and cook it in oven, and finally transport it to table (where person is waiting).
  11. In "Construct\Objects\All Zones" you have "Emergency alarm" button. Place it on the room wall and (after it actually builded) you can select it and turn on/off manually. Effect is - red alert in room and all crew in it immideatly run to nearest exits. Everybody who is trying to enter this room are turning back too (upon entering), including security. All that is left - to seal doors if necessary (after everybody is out).
  12. I'm already suggested this here - http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/14806/
  13. I suggest not instead but also. And for theory about O2 - all starbase always have some kinds of "leaks". For example some oxygen lost in airlock operation process and so on. So if we have 3/3 - with natural leaks we will eventually lose oxygen below safe level. Moreover - currently we do not have any emergency O2 systems installed.
  14. Several bartenders working simultaneously are very effective (tested on 40-50 peoples and about 12x15 tiles bar).
  15. It is optional to tear down seed for 375 additional matter and move to better location. It is possible to build small oxygen, reactor and airlock not very far from start.
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