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  1. Considering how much there is today not working in this game and performance issues, I hardly think anybody will be able to do mods without rewriting much of the code from scratch. Slapping paint/polish on skeleton and calling it done will not produce a modfriendly software. Modding should be planned from start to work smoothly and need a good foundation and continued support from developers to prosper. This game is dead in the water now. The last announcement about 1.0 made sure of that. It's still sold on steam for 22,99€ and that can't be anything but a scam. Hopefully any potential buyers read up before they buy. This have hurt DF and will continue to do so.
  2. Ideas gets dropped on all projects I'm sure. It's a healthy process when developing something. To be fair we have not been promised all things on the dev plan and can not demand they get implemented. It's not about that in this case but a game feeling incomplete in its current stage being rushed from a development stage to finished in 5 weeks (counting oct 31). It's also about lack of communication during the last couple of months towards fans & customers backing this.
  3. I understand games can be abandon due to several good reasons. I also understand the early access concept. You buy into a project which may not result in a finished product. But what I have problems with is my experience as an early backer of DF-9. At start we got updates on the progress and often monthly updates with new alphas + quick fixes to new bugs. I felt there was communication with the community. Then after alpha 5 there was a long time of silence and people started asking if it was abandon. Devs then reassured that was not the case, they have just adapted a new communication stance because the old one took too much time. We received a large update with alpha 6 , game had a sale on steam. Looked like it was back on track again. Then a announcement to take the game from an alpha version to a final release with a wrap up and some final bugfixes. After this it's up to the community to fill the game with content. My main problem with this is lack of communication and a sense of false status. If this had been the plan for some time, why not communicate about it. Honesty goes a long way. How all this have been handled have had a negative impact on how I look on Double Fine and how they handle fans & customers.
  4. You can read about it on http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/18/double-fine-early-access-spacebase-df9/ now. The majority of comments on this topic here, steam and elsewhere seems to point at the same direction. It's a strange move by DF not communication any more about their decision. The game isn't ready, from a customer point of view, considering both content and bugs (the later could possibly be ironed out in the next weeks) I know DF have never given any promises on what to expect or how large the game would be but still..... I feel a disappointed since I've been enjoying SB9 and was looking forward to a richer game. This miss communication sadly hurts my view of Double Fine.
  5. Alpha 6 have added lot's of performance issues for me on OSX and how the security acts now more or less is a guaranteed base breakdown whenever raiders or parasites come along. Besides fixing these two game breaking things I think there should be at least a couple more alphas, adding content to reach a higher level, then a beta period to squish additional bugs before it's ready for release a 1.0. I have and are enjoying playing spacebase but I feel its only half a game at this point. Lot's of love and appreciation Aptass
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