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  1. Here is a present for you all! Can anybody spot Tim? I think I do, but it's hard to see the face beneath that incredible hairstyle... Also check out how young Ron looks...!
  2. What does everyone think of this? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7254078.stm Being female, I'm very emotional and I can cry, flip out and hate on demand, so I can see myself being wayyy better than my boyfriend at any game that requires the use of this headset. On the other hand, any game with a love story could get kind of embarrassing. discuss!
  3. Putt-Putt rules ... I'm glad I'm not the only person who played Putt-Putt... though I was about 14 when I played it, when the rest of you were about 8...
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7141458.stm :'( :'( :'( :') :') :') .... :'(
  5. I've been working for so long now, I started at 10am and it's now 3am the next day and I'm still working. I'm so very, very tired. Anyway, here's why I'm telling you this: when you're very tired, the orange of the Double Fine website starts to look pink. Anybody else noticed this?
  6. I played a demo of that once, it seemed a little bit empty maybe, but kind of cute and cool. I know that my sisters were crazy about it though. Neat games that nobody else has played or heard of... hmm, Vib Ribbon? Vib Ribbon was super cute and cool. And... I guess nobody ever talks about The Missing Files of Sherlock Holmes, but that was one of the first games I ever played, and it ruled. And Battle Bugs, and The Horde, and Quarintine (I don't actually know if people know about those games or not, possibly everyone does, but still nobody ever talks about them... so... yeah...) Also I loved this old ... Apogee Software game called... Word Rescue? That game was awesome, even though it was a learning game for kids and I was way too old for it and could spell all the words easily... it was a typical cute, fun apogee platformer I think the COO of Double Fine worked on The Horde... was a producer or something... I vaguely remember reading this somewhere. I could be lying though.
  7. Let us know the results of your findings s27 I don't know if that's a bingo number and I don't really know how bingo works... sorry. Hopefully it is okay though!
  8. I saw Jason Della Rocca doing a talk once at Develop in Brighton. He is so cool he drew his presentation as he was speaking, doodling little graphs and stuff... I remember thinking that some day I should steal that idea, because it was fun and helped to engage the audience lots. He said a lot of very interesting stuff, mostly about how Dev studios tend to create unhappy and unsafe environments for their staff through common practices such as fixed term contracts, lack of time invested into properly integrating people into their teams, lack of 'fun budgets', not paying people well enough, not providing enough benefits, forcing people to work overtime... that kind of thing. They do it because they think it saves money, right? I've been in that kind of company before in fact. But he pointed out that the cost of recruiting and training new people to fill in the gap left by high staff turnovers, and the loss of quality in the overall work makes it ultimately cost the developer more, in lots of ways. I can't say it as well as he did. But you get the gist. It's something I really believe in. It was cool to hear him say it better than me That same week at Develop, I told one of my friends about a job opening in a studio that I knew of. He laughed and said that he would never, ever work for that studio because of the horror stories he'd heard, about excessive unpaid overtime, unfair dismissal, low pay, an atmosphere totally devoid of creativity, etc. It made me think... imagine the kind of people that studio employs. It must only be able to scrape the very bottom of the barrel for employees... people with no talent, or people who are desperate for work... because nobody in their right mind would consider working for them in that kind of environment. In contrast, think about the level of excellence set by companies like Double Fine, which is obviously a company that promotes a creative and happy atmosphere... and it shows. On one project that I worked on before, there was a lot of overtime involved, but we had the most excellent Producer. She made sure that we were well-treated, our work was respected, and made it feel like the team coming together for one last push before the end of the project, instead of making it feel like we were prisoners to our work. She got us enthused about it. Before that though, I'd worked on a project where I was made to feel like my overtime, even though there was less of it, was obligatory. It was miserable. Simply having one person try to keep staff morale high makes such a huge difference. Er... I have no idea why I went off on that little rant. I think I was talking about how I love Jason della Rocca for saying all that stuff I just said, but better, and more convincingly because he has been around for years, whereas I'm still just a baby
  9. Hmm, the plot thickens: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QTgGtOOTzu4 What is this???!
  10. This is being released, or has been released, in the UK... That's not the real Basshunter, nor the real lyrics or video! I'm so sad! ;(
  11. There are only 633 registered members. I don't get how that didn't occur to you. What exactly are you talking about?
  12. According to the Wikipedia entry on Brutal Legend: Anyway, even if they got other bands to do the music, I'm sure they'd still have a main "music guy" whose job it was to uh... coordinate and... mix everything and... yeah. The technical terms escape me, but the point is, I'm pretty sure he'll be involved
  13. Yes sorry, I edited my stupidity out of my post in the hope that nobody would notice... I was too slow!
  14. The reason I ask is this: my boyfriend had fansites many many years ago. And he was allowed waltz around Skywalker Ranch and then Double Fine's studios, just because he owned a fansite and he asked if he could go there and they said "yes". If I know Tim (which I don't, by the way), I'd say there'd probably be incentives for people who made fansites. You could ask for cool exclusive concept art and things like that. You could have a fansite war. It would be excellent fun for you all, and excellent publicity for DF. Fansites are probably the key to Tim's heart. So why hasn't anybody made any yet? EDIT: hehehe, that fansite is hosted by Spaff's (old) website! Cool!
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