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  1. They've said before that the Python scripts were plugins for 2HB.
  2. I solved that puzzle before I even knew it existed. Before entering the castle, I had used the bombs to modify Alice.lua so I could walk on water and bottomless pits. In a game like this, it's really hard to define what's "legitimate" and what's not. Though I do think the debug buttons artifact is really overpowered, considering how easy it is to get. (Though it is nice to be able to teleport like the wizard.)
  3. I know they said they wanted to release 2HB, but the problem was that it wasn't designed to run outside DF's network, so it wouldn't really work, and they didn't have the spare time to fix that. (Not the first time I've seen this; Volition's editing tools for Saints Row are in a similar situation.) But what I don't get is why they don't release the source code so people with more spare time can do it themselves!
  4. That's what I was going to say too, but I'm wondering how you managed to get to that point if they were all protected, as more Lua hacking is necessary between that room and the point where you hack the protected function. Unless of course you just used the [ENABLE_DEBUG_KEYS artifact to teleport to the level change triggers and skip the puzzles], but then you could have just gotten through this room using the same method. But of course it's not as fun that way, at least for me.
  5. I've done a lot of Lua programming before (mainly for Cheat Engine scripting, and appropriately enough the project I linked does involve patching and injecting assembly code) but my only experience with the actual opcodes is through playing HnS. Thanks though; I'll take a look at it. Would adding a new artifact to control checkpoint saving, and putting it in a chest early in the game require the same types of methods? Or is there an easier interface programmed in for that purpose? EDIT: I'm starting to see how this works. Silly test mod that works: local disasm = scripts.disassemble(scripts.load("Data/Content/Game/DorkForest/Rooms/BobTrap.lua")) disasm.proto.protos[4].constants[98] = loading.prompt("Yeah! We're going to be...") assets.overwrite("Data/Content/Game/DorkForest/Rooms/BobTrap.lua", scripts.reassemble(disasm))
  6. I read somewhere that the Lua scripts in the Content folder are compiled to prevent spoilers. Okay. But what about the people who have already beaten the game and want to mess with the scripts through traditional means? Is there an archive somewhere I could download with all the decompiled scripts, with comments and everything? If not, can you please upload one somewhere?
  7. You're welcome! I know it's not something you came up with yourself, but you presented it in a convenient way, so I figured I'd thank you for saving me the trouble! I looked at the source for your Disassembly Dumping mod, but all that seems to do is execute some code when the new save is created. How do I get it to actually add code to the beginning (or end) of a function in the game?
  8. I would but Steam Workshop just doesn't give the same flexibility from my understanding. Like you can't just paste the modified function right into the patch file. I tried cloning that Halcyon mod where it displays the old value, and from looking at the code it looks like a lot of complicated searching and patching was necessary for it to work. If there was an easier way I'd imagine that mod's developer would have done it that way. I know the mods work the way they do (as in, with such limited access) to prevent them from containing malware, but I think it would be much better if it wasn't like that. Yeah, then there's the possibility of malware, but that possibility is there whenever you download any program from the Internet, and even mods for many games, like Minecraft for instance. Besides, I'd be surprised if knowingly uploading malicious mods wasn't against the Steam ToS. If someone uploaded malware, someone would report it, and Steam would (hopefully) remove it. Then ideally whoever uploaded it would be banned from SW.
  9. If you're like me, your UTA interface looks something like this: And if you're like me, you would also not like this, and the knowledge that this is an inevitability and that it will only get worse is stopping you from experimenting nearly as much as you want. (It's especially bad when you're browsing the library.) Well I figured out a solution: a Lua script hack that makes it so once ENABLE_DEBUG_BUTTONS is turned on, it will stop saving checkpoints, and then you can set queenSpriteGaveHearts to True before changing areas when you want to save one. Before saving the checkpoint, it will automatically set it back to False. Here's the guide I posted on Steam that tells you how to do this. What do you think?
  10. Remember the name of the lady who lives in the cave in the Infinite Woods? Remember what she gives you just before you leave the cave? Anyone else see an...unfortunate...connection there? I can't believe I just noticed this now after playing that part weeks ago.
  11. Thanks for the explanation! If you don't have time to make it usable outside of your network, why not release the source code? That way the community can do it.
  12. Yes they did; the scripts are right there. (With the exception of the Python scripts I mentioned apparently.) The only question is how to actually activate those features. Maybe someone from DF will post here? And on the off chance I'm mistaken, it's not too late to release them in case anyone from DF does see this! (Or at least give a reason why you can't.)
  13. I was going through the game's files, and I noticed some scripts for what looks like a level editor and various other editors. How can I actually activate these features? Also, some of the files say they were generated by some Python scripts. Where can I find these scripts?
  14. What was it that Bidiot sent you? Care to post it?
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