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  1. Would disagree, it's hard to get more than 2 or 3 hours before you exhaust the features and the replayability is very low, with very little variation between games. It's a $5 game at best, far, far from $25.
  2. I dunno if anyone involved with the development is still reading, but was the team working on Spacebase working on it full time? Some of JPs previous quotes seem to indicate his time was split elsewhere.
  3. Shouldn't this topic also be deleted and merged?
  4. This should not be considered an adequate response. I understand that the game was not making as much (in early access) as expected, but the answer should not be taking the money and running. This is an admission that the original promise is not being kept. Perhaps if there was a focus on development when a proper release was made, sales might have picked up then? Is Double Fine's new model to ALWAYS profit or else customers are left holding the bag? This will dramatically effect how I view any product from Double Fine and now I understand Tim's viewpoint that any game is eligible for cancellation if the community does not invest enough prior to finishing. I invested in Spacebase back in Alpha 3 because I trusted Double Fine not to do exactly this.
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